The Twin Sinha Brothers (Bimal and Bikas) Felicitation Issue

Volume 21(2), November 2021


Editorial Note
The Sinha Brothers (Bimal and Bikas) – The Twin Statisticians
Environmental Statistics – A Pet Subject of Sinha Brothers
-T. J. Rao    
Visualizing the Centre of Gravity using the (Empirical) Cumulative
Distribution Functions
-Jyotirmoy Sarkar and Mamunur Rashid     
Robustification of Quadratic Discriminant Analyzer and Its
Application for Gene Expression Data Analysis
-Md. Matiur Rahaman and Md. Nurul Haque Mollah
A New Lomax Type Distribution: Properties, Copulas, Applications,
Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Estimation Methods
-M. Masoom Ali, Haitham M. Yousof and Mohamed Ibrahim   
Bayesian Analysis of Singly Imputed Partially Synthetic Data
generated by Plug-in Sampling and Posterior Predictive Sampling
under the Multiple Linear Regression Model
-Abhishek Guin, Anindya Roy and Bimal Sinha   
Comparison on Some Modified Confidence Intervals for Estimating
the Process Capability Index Cp: Simulation and Application
-B. M. Golam Kibria and Wenziying Chen  
Interval Estimation of the Intraclass Correlation in a Nonlinear
Mixed Effects Model
-Xiaoshu Feng, Thomas Mathew and Kofi Adragni  
Application of Quantile Transform Method while Simulating Random
Variates from Densities with Non-Closed Form of Cumulative
Distribution Function
-Anamul Haque Sajib, Syed Ehsan-Ar- Rafi and Sabina Sharmin  
A Clinical Trial Evaluating Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field
Therapy on Osteoarthritis Patients: Modeling Ordinal
Longitudinal Responses
-Atanu Biswas, Rahul Bhattacharya and Krishna Sankar Ganguly   
Analysis of Longitudinal Teenage Pregnancy Data of Mpunkunyoni,
Kwazulu-Natal using Generalised Linear Mixed Model
-Marothi P Letsoalo, Yehenew G Kifle, Maseka Lesaoana and Christel Faes  
A Study of Adolescent Growth in Kolkata and its Determinants
-Susmita Bharati, Manoranjan Pal, Md. Golam Hossain and Premananda Bharati 
Prevalence of Thinness and Associated Factors among 3 to 12 Year
Old Boys of Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal, India
 -Pikli Khanra, Raja Chakraborty and Kaushik Bose      
Improved Randomized Response Model for Estimating the Population Proportion
-Sunil Kumar, Sanam Preet Kour, Monica Choudhary and Rahul Sharma

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