Electronics Lab

Lab Facilities:

Lab Name: Electrical and electronics circuit lab

Location: 4th Science Building

Program: BSc Eng, Part-1

Instruments: Oscilloscope, Breadboard, Multi-meter etc.

Programming Lab

Signal processing Lab

Digital Communication Lab

Analog Communication Lab

Microprocessor Lab

Wireless Communication Lab

Location: 4th Sc. Bldg. Room no. 228

Program: i) B.Sc. Hon’s (Part IV) ii) B.Sc. Engg.  (Part IV Even Sem.) iii) M.Sc.

Equipments : i) Computers with Wireless Communication Simulation Software

  1.                      ii) CDMA Mobile Communication Trainer

Activities: In this lab, students get hand-on experience on different topics of wireless communication. Primarily based on computer simulation,  students undertake comparative performance analysis of different digital modulation techniques under different wireless channels with differnt errror correction/detection techniques. Multiple access schemes like CDMA and/or TDMA are also investigated. Apart from simulation, experiments are done on CDMA Mobile Communcaition Trainer kit that give the students an insight on the practical implementaion issues.

Optical Fiber Communication Lab

Location: 4th Sc. Bldg. Room no. 224

Program: B.Sc. Engg. (3rd Year Even Semester)

Equipments : Fiber Optic Communication Trainer (Link-A)

In Optical Fiber Communication Laboratory students have experiences on different experiments regarding characteristics of optical fiber as well as optical fiber communication.

In this laboratory following experiments have been conducted:

  1. Setting up fiber optic analog link.
  2. Study of losses in optical fiber
  3. Measurement of Numerical Aperture of optical fiber
  4. Study of Frequency Modulation and De-modulation using fiber optic link.
  5. Setting up Fiber optic Digital Link
  6. Study of Pulse width Modulation and De-modulation
  7. Study of Pulse Position Modulation and De-modulation
  8. Study of PC to PC Communication using Fiber Optic Digital link.

Database Programming Lab

Location: 4th Sc. Bldg. Room

Program: i) B.Sc. Hon’s (Part IV) ii) B.Sc. Engg.  (Part IV Odd Sem.)

Equipments : Computers with MS-SQL Server 2005 Express

Activities: The primary objective of this lab is to equip students with the skill of database programming with  SQL.  Based on the freely available  Academic Result

Networking Lab

Multimedia Communication Lab

Software Engineering Lab