ICE Programming Club

ICE Programming Club, University of Rajshahi, provides a stimulating, cooperative environment where students can interact and learn from each other by solving various programming problems. This programming club is first formed during 2015-2016 academic year.

ICE programming club is organizing Intra-department programming contest periodically and members of the ICE programming club are trying to enter teams into national wide programming competitions.

The key objective of this ICE programming club are the following:

  • Gain and develop good programming skills and general problem solving skills
  • Learn how to work in a team
  • Develop programming solutions using various data structures, sorting algorithms, arithmetic, algebra, graph algorithms, and number theory
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Start a potential research project which may lead to postgraduate studies
  • Learn from senior and more experienced students
  • Have fun with other fellow students!

Member Registration

The club is open to all ICE students including undergraduate and post graduate students. The only requirement is a keen interest in computer programming. Interested students are allowed to register here to showcasing their programming related activities/achievements.


In general, meetings are held weekly on alternating days, and focus on programming problem study, project collaboration, and student networking.

Executive Committee


Vice President:

  •  TBA, Deptt. of ICE, RU
  • TBA, , Deptt. of ICE, RU


  • TBA , r, Deptt. of ICE, RU

Student Executive Member

General Secretary: TBA

Assistant General Secretary: TBA

Office Secretary: TBA

Assistant Office Secretary: TBA

Finance Secretary: TBA

Assistant Finance Secretary: TBA

Publication Secretary: TBA

Assistant Publication Secretary: TBA

Social Welfare Secretary: TBA

Assistant Social Welfare Secretary: TBA

Feel free to contact with us for further information.

Departmental former as well as current Programmers and their profile can be found here