ICE Association

Name of the Association:

Information and Communication Engineering Association, Rajshahi University”. In short form ICE Association, RU.

Vision & Mission of ICE Association:

The vision of ICE Association is to build up a platform from where students of the department of Information and Communication Engineering (ICE), University of Rajshahi(RU) can gather knowledge on Information and communication Technology and encourage them to utilize the facilities of ICT related applications. ICE association is bound to represent and support an inclusive, dynamic and vibrant student community in which registered ICE association members have the opportunity to expand their horizon, reach their full potential, and change the world around them.

The core purpose of ICE association is to build, sustain, and support a student community of ICE department of RU with real influence. Additionally, the goal of ICE association is to promote the interests and welfare of its members, to represent them and work together to provide support and development opportunities to meet the diverse needs of the ICE student community in the mission to ‘Make ICE-Students’ Lives Better’. To meet this goal, this association is intended to listen the voice of members of ICE association periodically, understanding them and shaping this association (if needed) to meet their needs.

Activities of ICE Association

  • Provide a student representative services;
  • Provide academic support services;
  • Provide medication services;
  • Provide services that support student employment and enterprise;
  • To bring students together through arranging……
    • Regular academic events (for example, seminar, symposium, exhibition  related to ICT and its application)
    • Club activities (for example, programming clubs, debating clubs),
    • Annual literature, cultural, social events (for example, freshers’ reception and graduates’ farewell program, Bangla New Year celebration),
    • Intra-department indoor/outdoor sports events,
  • To establish a relational bridge among the ex-students and the current students of ICE dept.
  • To form teams and participate in regular inter-department annual sport events (for example, inter-department. cricket and football tournament).
  • To form groups and participate in regular national wide programming contest.
  • To arrange and participation other national wide social activities to ensure adequate, sustainable resources in order that its commitments and aspirations are achieved.
Ordinance of ICE Association (in Bangla Language) can be found from the following link: ice-ordinance

Committee Members of ICE Association