Welcome to ICT Center

Computer Center was established in July 1985 in the First Science Building with terminal based Alpha Micro1000E, in order to accelerate research facilities in the university. The Computer Center has developed gradually during the last two decades and upgraded PCs were added to enhance computation efficiency. Now it is under plan to establish highly efficient computation cluster to increase computation speed. E-mail connection was established through dial-up modem in 1997. It was an off line system and operated two or three times a day during the office hour.

Looking for a better solution, the university authority then decided to install the Optical Network System. The project was funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and completed in 1999. At present the total length of Optical Fiber Network is about 10 kilometers. Then internet facility was provided in 2001. Now it is under consideration to renovate and extend single mode Optical Network instead of existing multi-mode system to adapt fast growing communication and information technologies.

On August 2002 VSAT was installed in order to meet the growing need of internet service with uplink and downlink speeds of 512 and 128 kbps, respectively. Apart from the existing VSAT connectivity, DDN connection was added with a speed of 512 kbps on August 2006. At the end of November 2006, VSAT connectivity was terminated and the DDN bandwidth was raised to 1Mbps.

On September 2006 optical network was extended to the faculty of Agriculture and the Department of Fine Arts. On October 2008, the DDN bandwidth was further increased to 2 Mbps.

The optical network was further extended to Second Administrative Building, Fourth Science Building and Fourth Arts Building on October 2008. Internal optical network was connected to the Submarine Optical Super Highway Network on August 2009 with a bandwidth of 32 Mbps. Moreover the present administration has taken further steps to enhance bandwidth to 60 Mbps to meet the growing demand of the users. Now our bandwidth has been enhanced to 64 Mbps from 23 Feb 2011.

We appreciate your suggestions/comments for the development/service of the ICT Center.