Former Students of our department, specially engaged in journalism profession in Dhaka city, established a forum naming ‘Journalism Alumni Forum of Rajshahi University (JAFRU)’ in 2008. The official Alumni Association of the department was formed in 2015, representing a wide range of media and strategic communication interests. The outstanding individuals of the association have forged trailblazing paths to achieve success in the professional world through paying visits to the department and delivering lectures share their rich knowledge and experience with the teachers and the taughts here. Thus they contribute to the department by spending their priceless time and resources.

Reciprocation of knowledge and views and ideas between the alumni and us benefits the both sides. The doors of Department of Mass Communication and Journalism are always open to alumni. We do hereby request them to carry on their communication and relation with one another, to up-and-coming graduates and to the faculty and the staff who nurtured their education.