Vision & Mission

Increasing employ ability potentials of students by facilitating opportunities and training skills for job search. Graduating (4th Year and Master’s) students of Rajshahi University shall be equipped with knowledge and skills for job search, job placements and job performance so that they are employed in different professional sectors at home and abroad and can make significant contributions to the development, progress and prosperity of the country and of the world as a whole.

The mission of the Career Counselling & Development Centre includes:

  1. Making recent advertisements from print and electronic media and from different job sites easily accessible to students through regular postings on Vacancies Board (Placed in front of the CCDC Office) and CCDC website.
  2. Training students for developing their skills of writing effective job application with CV covering letter, facing interviews and giving presentation which are some of the important prerequisites for all job seekers of the time.
  3. Training students for developing skills and qualities needed for success in professional life, for example, leadership quality, team spirit, decision making, building rapport with colleagues, interpersonal relationship, time and work management, office etiquette etc.
  4. Training the moral and behavioural norms, ethics and etiquette of professional life.