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Employability is a major concern in education these days; it is not enough to have good knowledge in the respective fields of academic disciplines, it is equally important to have some other qualities that employers value, as employability rate of graduates is one of the important yardsticks for measuring success of a university/Institute of higher education in recent times. Some rather non-academic but important qualities and skills needed for job search are writing good CVs and covering letters, taking/facing interviews smartly, presentation, systematic search of job advertisements at home and abroad, leadership qualities, team spirits and the right kind of mind set, among others, for which some extra trainings by experts, entrepreneurs and employers from different professional sectors,  for example, the business entrepreneurs and executives, bankers, top executives of Cell companies, industries, government cadre services,  NGOs, Multinational Companies and so on are needed.

It is for this reason that, along with imparting quality education in different fields of study, helping students with career planning and career placement has emerged as an important focus of the universities and institutes of higher education these days. It is a fact that most of the graduating students,  4th year Honours  and Master’s students, are anxious about finding a suitable  employment after their graduation, as they feel that they need to earn for themselves and, in most cases also for their families, after graduation. Considering these realities, many universities of the world, including some in Bangladesh, have very active career Counselling /development centres to help their graduating students with insights and skills to explore and find suitable jobs, and train them in the basic skills required for success with jobs after they are employed. The University of Rajshahi also feels an urgent need for such a centre to help its graduates with their job search, job placements, and basic job skills.