‘SAMYO’ is a voluntary organization run by the students of Special Education stream of Institute of Education and Research, University of Rajshahi. One of the main goals of this organization is to create public awareness on Special education and children with special needs. The organization works for establishing linkage between students of special needs studying in various departments of the University. Besides, it will arrange workshops at different times on higher education, training and employment for students with special need. There will be also scope for establishing collaboration and idea sharing with local special schools and NGOs.

Goals and objectives of this organization:

1.Creating public awareness on special education and special needs in University of Rajshahi and nearby areas.

2.To celebrate different days related to Special Education & Special needs (such as education day,National Handicapped/disability day,AutismDay,White Rose day etc.)

3.Communicate among the special needs students of different departments of Rajshahi University and provide them with necessary information.

4.Build up relationships with schools & NGOs working for special children.

5.To help the special needs students of Rajshahi University by communicating with the Stenographer/Pen man.

6. Organize workshop for the special needed students of different department of Rajshahi University to provide them necessary information about their work opportunities, training, higher education at home and abroad.

7. To arrange special education related seminars, meetings, symposiums at different times.

8. To arrange special training opportunities for the special education teachers.