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The Institute of Education and Research (IER) of university of Rajshahi is working to develop efficient professionals in education sector of Bangladesh. It started its’ journey in the year of 2000. IER is a multi-disciplinary research led institution in the field of education in Bangladesh. IER offers post-graduate and doctoral programs in the core areas of education. Besides regular academic programmes, IER intends to compile, manage, analyze and provide reliable education data and expert, non-partisan testimony to a variety of audiences to inform decision-making at the local, state and national levels. The institute ventilates the possible collaboration among the national, international, local and regional development partners, research institutions and corporate bodies in exploring funds, research grants, and financial and technical assistance.

Aim and objectives of the Institute of Education and Research are:

  1. to provide teaching, training and research guidance in order to prepare candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Education with Honours (B.Ed Hon.); Master of Education (M.Ed); and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Education;
  2. to provide courses of further study for those already qualified for teaching e.g. postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDEd);
  3. to provide services for those concerned with higher education in the University Teaching Departments;
  4. to promote and to provide facilities for advanced study and research in all areas of education and at all levels, primary, secondary, higher secondary and above spread into different disciplines; and
  5. to run projects and programmers for experimental (a type of educational research), survey and other types of educational research including action research as a continuous process warranting the institute to have its own set up for primary, secondary and higher secondary education in the form of Rajshahi University Pre-Primary school, and Rajshahi University school. For undergraduate and post-graduate levels, the University of Rajshahi with all its disciplined shall be treated as an open laboratory research.

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Institute of Education and Research

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