Aims and Objectives

This non-profit, non-political organization has the main objective to build a strong social network among the Alumni of the University.

The aim and objectives of the association shall be:

  • To maintain contacts with the Alumni, home and abroad, and to exchange ideas and information through communications and congregations;
  • To advise and help the students in their problems and to provide financial assistance to the poor students;
  • To monitor and help promote the standard of education and research in RU with special attention to the M. Phil / Ph.D. programs and quality of publications;
  • To help foster a global perspective in teaching and research activities of RU and prepare students for work globally;
  • To seek collaborations in research works with the institutions/organizations, home and abroad;
  • To arrange workshops for refreshing/updating knowledge and information for the alumni and RU students,
  • To provide assistance for short-term training of the young researchers abroad;
  • To provide accommodation to the Alumni when they visit Rajshahi and to arrange seminar talks to be delivered or workshops to be conducted by them;
  • To honour the Alumni for their outstanding contribution;
  • To publish regularly the activities of RUAA and communicate the Alumni, home and abroad, in the form of a newsletter, magazine and in website;
  • To coordinate/integrate different Alumni Committees of (Department/Institution/Hall of residence/Batch/Locality);
  • To orient the Alumni for effective representation in different bodies syndicate/senate, etc.) and organizations, home and abroad.