Institutional Quality Assurance Cell

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    Senate Building, Rajshahi University


Accreditation at the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is a global demand of the day. And Quality Assurance at program level in the University is the prerequisite for that. Though the fact is recognized a little late, there is now an urgency in our country to look into the effectiveness of the existing study approach of teaching-learning in term of quality. With this view in mind the IQAC of University of Rajshahi has been established under the guidance of UGC, Bangladesh.

On 18 December, 2014 Rajshahi University was awarded the Quality Assurance Project by the UGC. Earlier on 24 November 2014, Rajshahi University submitted the project proposal.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, disbursement of the project fund was delayed – which we got on 2 February 2015 and from then on the Project work started, even if the schedule date was 1 January.

As per the project agreement, the IQAC funding will be equally shared by the World Bank and Rajshahi University through the UGC for a total period of last 3 years. However, the IQAC, will not phase out after 3 years but will become a permanent institution of the university. From the 4th year on, IQAC’s activities will continue and be sustained under the revenue budget of the university provided by the UGC.

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