About IQAC

As part of the ongoing commitment of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh to enhance the quality of higher education in the country, Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) started its operation at University of Rajshahi on 1st January 2015 as a sub-project of the Quality Assurance (QA)project of UGC and ended its tenure on 30th of June 2018. University of Rajshahi has been advised by the UGC through a formal letter (Ref:UGC/Prosha:/Kasma:/73(Part)/3127, Date 23/04/2018) to integrate the existing IQAC into the University’s revenue budget in order to make sure that this body could continue working for assuring institutional quality. Under these circumstances, the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is constituted according to the Statute, Ordinance and Regulations of University of Rajshahi.

Composition of IQAC

  1. The IQAC of University of Rajshahi shall be constituted with one Director and two Additional Directors. The Executive Head and Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DRO) of the IQAC shall be the Director who will be assisted by two Additional Directors.
  2. The Director shall enjoy the status of the Dean of a Faculty.
  3. Vice Chancellor of the University shall appoint the Director and Additional Directors for a period of 03 (years) from among the teachers not below the rank of a Professor.
  4. The Director and Additional Directors shall discharge their responsibilities at IQAC in addition to their duties at the department/institute they are affiliated with.
  5. The Director and Additional Directors shall remain reportable and accountable to the Vice Chancellor of the University.
  6. In addition to the Director and Additional Directors, a number of support staffs shall be appointed by the university authority following the rules of recruitment of officers and staff. Among the support staff, there shall be one Section Officer ( PO to Director), one Section Officer (Accounts), one Technical Officer, one Technical Officer and one Office Support Staff. Qualifications and salary structures of the support staffs is attached herewith in enclosure-1.

Roles and Responsibilities of IQAC

The IQAC of University of Rajshahi shall remain responsible for discharging the following roles and responsibilities:
  1. To promote activities relating to enhancement of quality of education at University of Rajshahi.

  2. To facilitate the implementation of follow-up actions recommended in Self-Assessment reports of the respective Department and Institute.

  3. To monitor and supervise the implementation of improvement plans of different entities of the University.

  4. To facilitate the process of gaining accreditation of different departments, faculties, institutes, and the university as a whole through the central Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) of the UGC and proposed Accreditation Council.

  5. To remain connected with IQAC of other public universities and national and international quality assurance units in order to remain updated about different issues relating to quality assurance.

  6. To initiate different projects and programs for improving the quality of teaching, learning, research and administration of the university.

  7. To conduct periodical reviews on the existing measures of Quality Assurance (QA) and suggest required changes on the basis of QA indicators, including peer feedback, student evaluation reports and external reviews.

QAC Establishment Progress

IQAC Establishment Progress




University of Rajshahi take of the IQAC with staff at revenue 17/11/2018 Quotation Copy of Syndicate Meeting (No-485)
Organogram, Ordinance and Financial Rules of IQAC are approved by Academic Council (AC) 19/07/2018 Quotation Copy of AC Meeting (No-247)
 All  activities of IQAC, University of Rajshahi is approved by Academic Council  (AC)  31/12/2015 Quotation Copy of AC meeting (No-239)  held on 19/12/15
According to IQACF Operations Manual 32 lac taka for fiscal year 2015-2016 and  48 lac taka for fiscal year 2017-2018 from RUF are approved by Syndicate.



Regulation Copy of Syndicate meeting (M-501, D-16)

Regulation Copy of FC meeting (M-501, D-16)

Room No 306 B & 306, Syed Ismail Hossain Siraji Bhaban, University of Rajshahi (Two Room) is selected as a IQAC Office 21/03/2015 A letter to the Director of IQAC from Engineering office, RU.
Staff Appointment [Office Secretary-1, Accountant-1, Computer operator-1, Technical persons (Communication)-1 & MLSS-1] 01/03/2015 Four (4) copy meeting resolution with VC approved.
1st Installment Chq deposited in 3 Feb 2014 05/02/2015 A Bank Statement to the Director of IQAC from Manager, Agrani Bank Ltd. RU
Account  Relationship with Agrani Bank Ltd. 29/12/2014 A letter to the Director of IQAC from Manager, Agrani Bank Ltd. RU
Agreement Signing for the Establishment of IQAC of Rajshahi University 18/12/2014 Performance Contract Paper between UGC and University of Rajshahi
The Award of IQAC Fund 18/12/2014 A letter by E-mail to the  Director of IQAC of RU from Head, QA Unit, UGC
Three (3) Copies final Complete Proposal for the Establishment of Institutional Quality Assurance Cell of Rajshahi University 25/09/2014 The letter from  Planning & Development Office To UGC
The Appointment order to Prof. Mushfique Ahmed as a Director and Prof.Md. Enayet Hossain (PhD) & Prof.  Dr. Jahanur Rahman  as a Additional  Directors of  IQAC 01/09/2014

Appointment order

(Memo no-52/Tottho cell/167/(10)/2014

The Appointment order of the Director and Additional  Directors for establishing IQAC of Rajshahi University by UGC 23/08/2014 E-mail to VC from S.M. Kabir, QA Unit, UGC