Detail Guidelines and Submission Dates of the Internship Report

Dear Students,

Greetings to you! The department is congratulating you on the successful completion of your internship program. In the meantime, you are informed that you have to submit a report on your internship program.
Thus, the department has prepared uniform guidelines for the internship report. You have to follow the guidelines to maintain the uniformity and consistency of the reports for all students. The file with the guidelines is attached to this email for your reference.  (Please click Here to Download the Guidelines)
The department is also happy to formally announce the date of submission and presentation of your internship report. The respective dates are as follows:
Last Date of Submission of the Report (Soft Copy-PDF file): 27 October 2023 (For Checking the Plagiarism).
Last Date of Submission of the Report (2 Hard Copies): 29 October 2023
Date of the Presentation: 30 October 2023
Therefore, you are requested to follow the guidelines and respective dates. Please contact your respective supervisor for further guidance or assistance.
Thank you. Best wishes to you.
Best Regards
Click For Download File: