Winter Clothes Distribution 2020

On January 11, 2020 Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management distributed 350 blankets among the severely affected people of riverside remote areas such as Fakirchar, Ulipur Upozilla of Kurigram District, Bangladesh. These people lack the financial resources to purchase adequate clothing to protect them from harsh winter cold.  Teachers and Students went and distributed the new blankets as a part of the community involvement and community services programme. The department collected the blankets from generous donors and took responsibility for distributing them.

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Cost Statement of Winter Cloth Distribution

Relevant Information About Blanket Distribution
Total Distributed Blankets- 310

Distributed Area (Chilmari and Ulipur Upozilla, Kurigram District, Bangladesh)

Cost Statement
Description Total Cost (in tk.)
  Purchasing cost of Blankets (310×310) 96100
  Packaging Cost 1000
  Transportation Cost (Including Courier) 2000
  Distribution Cost 6700
Total Expenses (Grand Total) 1,05,800/-

One Lac Five Thousand Eight Hundred Taka


Information About Donors
Donors Name Donated Amount (in tk.)
  Md Mofazzal Hossain (Raju), Australia 50000
  Abdul Wahid, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhaka 15500
  Prof. Dr. Md Enayet Hossain, Chairman, THM, RU. 27600
  Sanjana Sobhan, Lecturer, THM, RU. 2000
  Sazu Sardar, Lecturer, THM, RU. 2000
  Dept. of THM RU. (Welfare Fund) 8700
Total Donation Inflow: One Lac Five Thousand Eight Hundred Taka (1,05,800/-)