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Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics is one of the oldest Departments in the University of Rajshahi, which is the second largest public university of Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1961, the department has evolved steadily. The department offers good teaching and research facilities. At present there are 27 full-time teachers and 21 office staffs. The present enrolments of the students are about 100 and 400 at the graduate and undergraduate programs respectively. The department has its own seminar library with a large number of Textbooks, Journals, and Scientific Literature. A Computer Unit was established in the department in 1990. It is equipped with more than 180 modern personal computers of various models. Both the teachers and students of this department have been using these computers. Occasionally teachers of other departments of the University of Rajshahi are also allowed computer facilities for their research works. Presently the department is offering four courses on computer at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also offers a certificate course on computer for researchers, professionals and students.
Apart from offering B.Sc. Honours and M.Sc. degrees in Statistics, the department also conducts research for higher studies leading to M. Phil. and Ph. D. degrees. The research works have been concentrated mainly in the areas of Anthropometric Statistics, Bayesian Inference, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Biochemical Engineering and Statistical Signal Processing, Bootstrap Techniques, Computer Programming & Simulation, Demography, Earthquake Prediction Modeling, Econometrics, Environmental Statistics, Geo-Statistics, Epidemiology and Health Statistics, Human Growth, Human Morphology, Industrial Statistics, Linear programming, Order Statistics, Probability, Regression Diagnostics, Reliability Theory, Robust Statistics, Sample re-use Techniques, Social & Educational Statistics, Statistical Data Mining, Statistical Inference, Stochastic Modeling etc.
The department organizes Seminar/Conferences regularly. In the last two decades five international conferences were organized. Occasionally distinguished foreign scholars visit the department and give seminar talks. The department publishes an annual journal named International Journal of Statistical Sciences (IJSS). This is a referred journal and abstracted in the Statistical Theory and Method abstract published by the International Statistical Institute, Netherlands and BANSDOC, Dhaka. For over last 20 years this department has a collaboration program with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. In recent years, the department has launched link programs with Kyoto Gakuen University, Japan and The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan.
The department has an association of its own, named “Parishankan Samity”. The aims of this “Samity” are to uphold the academic interests of the department, to organize indoor games, reception party for the new students, farewell party for the outgoing students and bring out a magazine annually. Recently, the alumni of this department have formed Rajshahi University Statistics Alumni (RUSA) in Dhaka to incorporate all ex-statistics students of Rajshahi University from home and abroad to promote academic, research and all other activities of Department of Statistics.

Vision of the Department

  • To establish the Department of Statistics, University of Rajshahi as a center of excellence for quality education and research;
  • To produce skilled and competent human resources to serve the needs of national and international communities;
  • To be a leading statistical institute by addressing “better data, better life”.

Mission of the Department

  • Providing high quality education through adoption of comprehensive programs with a regular updating curriculum for the requirements of contemporary job markets;
  • Improving teaching learning environment and infrastructure of the entity to produce competent work force with high level of professionalisms equipped with modern technology and services of dedicated faculties under strategic leadership to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country and make a prosperous nation in the globalized environment.
  • Organizing training, research collaboration, workshop, seminar, conference for improving teaching quality and research;
  • Promoting scholarly research in statistical theory and application through publications in leading professional journals for the theoretical development of the multidisciplinary field;
  • Contributing excellence in research and education in the statistical science through services to the university communities, statistical professions, and societies at large;
  • Producing skilled graduates to lead quality research, training and innovation in the field of statistics and multidisciplinary areas to meet the needs of a dynamic world.

Objectives of this Department

  • Provide professional graduates in the field of statistics and the multidisciplinary areas according to the requirements of contemporary job markets.
  • Publish in leading professional journals to contribute the theoretical development and application of statistics addressing substantive problems through scholarly research;
  • Disseminate statistical knowledge to ensure effective applications of statistics in real life practices.
  • Deliver adequate, relevant and timely statistics to facilitate research, planning and decision making process for the government and the community for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Bangladesh.