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7th International Conference

Data Science and SDGs: Challenges, Opportunities and Realities

18-19 December, 2019



Springer is the knowledge partner for this conference. Selected papers will be published in an edited volume, subject to the review process of conference editorial team and Springer.”
International Journal of Statistical Sciences (IJSS) is also the knowledge partner for this conference.


Mission of the Conference
 ⇒ Providing a unique platform for a diverse community composed of scholars, researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners;
  ⇒ Concerting effort to participants affiliated with diverse entities (such as: Universities, Institutions, Corporations, Government agencies, and Research centers/labs) from home and abroad;
  ⇒ Assembling a spectrum of affiliated research conferences, workshops, and symposiums into a coordinated research meeting to be held in a common place at a common time;
  ⇒ Communicating among researchers in different fields of Statistics, Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering, Biological Sciences, Imaging & Remote Sensing, Agriculture Sciences, Business Intelligence And Applied Computing;
  ⇒ Providing recommendation achieving sustainable development goals 2030; and
  ⇒ Encouraging multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research activities.


Major Focusing Areas
The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to: Statistical Inference, Inference in Stochastic Processes, Statistical Computing, Biostatistics, Reliability, Survival Analysis, Industrial Statistics, Actuarial, Financial Statistics, Data Mining, Probability Theory, Decision Theory, Design of Experiments, Distribution Theory, Econometrics, Multivariate Analysis, Neural Networks, Non-parametric Inference, Operations Research, Queuing Theory, Simulation Methods, Statistical Genetics, Statistical Quality Control, Survey Sampling, Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Inference, Digital Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Security, Geo and Spatial Statistics, Internet of Things (IoT), Reliability Theory, Smart Farming vis-a-vis IoT and Data Science, Soft Computing, Statistical Modelling for Economic, Biological and Agricultural Phenomena, Sustainable Development Goals, etc.
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Who is a data scientist ?

Someone who knows statistics better than a computer scientists and codes better than a statistician