BSS Honors in Sociology Degree Plan (Session: 2016-2017)

First Year                    Course Codes and Titles
  SOC 101 Introductory Sociology
  SOC 102 Ancient and Medieval Social Thought
  SOC 103 Social History and World Civilizations
  SOC 104 Introductory Anthropology
  SOC 105 Society and Culture of Early Bengal
  SOC 106 Social Psychology
  SOC 107 Ethnic Communities of Bangladesh
Second Year                    Course Codes and Titles
  SOC 201 Social Structure of Bangladesh
  SOC 202 Economic Sociology
  SOC 203 Sociology of Social Problems
  SOC 204 Rural Sociology
  SOC 205 Marriage, Family and Kinship
  SOC 206 Social Inequality
  SOC 207 Criminology
  SOC 208 Gender and Society
Third Year                      Course Codes and Titles
  SOC 301 Classical Sociological Theory
  SOC 302 Methods of Social Research
  SOC 303 Statistics for Social Analysis
  SOC 304 Sociology of Education
  SOC 305 Environmental Sociology
  SOC 306 Urban Sociology
  SOC 307 Social Gerontology
  SOC 308 Social Demography
  SOC 309 Political Development in Bangladesh
Fourth Year               Course Codes and Titles
  SOC 401 Modern Sociological Theory
  SOC 402 Social Change
  SOC 403 Sociology of Religion
  SOC 404 Medical Sociology
  SOC 405 Science, Technology and Society
  SOC 406 Project Planning and Management
  SOC 407 Sociology of Disaster
  SOC 408 Sustainable Development
  SOC 409 Childhood, Adolescence and Child Rights