Academic Programme

Bachelor’s Programme

The Bachelor of Social Science (BSS Honours) in Sociology aims at enriching students with basic perspective in sociological concepts, theories, and research methodology. This programme, from 2006-2007 session, provides courses of 3000 marks consisting of 31 courses (with options) of 3 and 2 credits and research work with practical training. The courses themselves provide wider view of different aspects of society and culture. The four year undergraduate programme includes the following courses:

First year

Introductory Sociology; Introductory Anthropology; Social Psychology; Social History and World Civilizations; Society and Culture of Ancient Bengal; and Social Problems of Bangladesh.

Second year

Fundamentals of Social Research; Economy and Society; Rural Sociology; Environment and Society; Ancient and Medieval Social Thoughts; Statistics for Social Analysis; Social Structure of Bangladesh.

Third year

Classical Sociological Theory; Marriage, Family & Kinship in South Asia; Sociology of Education; Social Gerontology; Criminology; Practice of Social Research; Sociology of Disaster; Sociology of Poverty; and Ethnic Communities of Bangladesh.

Fourth year

Social Change and Development; Sociology of Religion; Medical Sociology; Project Planning and Management; Gender and Society; Political Development in Bangladesh; Childhood, Adolescence and Child Rights; Industrial Sociology; Bangladesh Studies; and practical research based monograph.

Master’s Programme

The objective of the Master of Social Science (MSS) in Sociology is to help students develop their theoretical perspectives and research skills. It provides solid basic training to those who plan to work in positions requiring research skills in the public and private sectors. It also provides a strong foundation in sociological training for those who plan to pursue M Phil and Ph D degree in Sociology. One year Master’s Programme provides thesis and non-thesis options. The course include: Advanced Sociological Theory; Social Inequality; Political Sociology; Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment; Social Demography; and Urban Sociology.

M Phil and Ph D

The objective of the programme is to prepare candidates for a career in teaching and research by providing training to conduct theoretically informed and methodologically sophisticated state-of-the-art sociological research. Students are expected to have acquired autonomy and excellence in conducting research, preparing scholarly publications, and participating in professional conferences. Candidates require one-year course work in the Department. The courses include: Sociological Theory and Perspectives; Bangladesh Society and Culture; Research Methodology; and Sociological Research on Bangladesh. Successful candidates can be transferred to Ph D programme. Course work is same for candidates having direct enrolment for Ph D programme. A faculty member supervises the research work and arranges all formalities for examination of the dissertation.