Message from Chairman

As an academic discipline and a profession, social work aims to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. The Department of Social Work at Rajshahi University is dedicated to building knowledge and practices to improve the quality of life.

Our Department consists of a committed and competent team specialization in rural development, community development, family and child welfare, gender and development, public health, mental health, psychiatric social work, counseling, disaster management, aging, and intimate partner violence.

To cultivate skilled social work practitioners through our quality education, we have four programs such as Bachelor of Social Science (B.S.S. in Social Work), Master of Social Science (M.S.S. in Social Work), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). These degrees are recognized nationally.

The Department also provides information and knowledge for evidence-based decision-making, planning, and problem-solving through research and innovation. Our faculty members nurture a significant number of post-graduate students.

Our Department is to make a positive change in society. We thrive for equity and justice. Upholding the ethical values of social work, we work for a better future. We inspire unity within diversity and promote tolerance among citizens.

I hope you will join us and contribute to the benefit of all.

Be a part of us!

Prof. Sheikh kabir Uddin Haider
Department of Social Work

Prof. Sheikh kabir Uddin Haider