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About Rajshahi
Rajshahi, both a district and divisional metropolitan city is located on the north bank of the River, Padma. This city is an important administrative, educational, cultural and business centre in Bangladesh today. It is a historic center of silk production. Varendra Research Museum, the oldest of its kind in Bangladesh, is located in the city. The city is home to many renowned educational institutions of Bangladesh. Rajshahi is served by the Shah Makhdum Airport. Rajshahi is also known as the ‘Green City’ due to its natural beauty and fresh air.


Rajshahi Climate 
Rajshahi has a tropical wet and dry climate. The climate of Rajshahi is generally marked with monsoons, high temperature, considerable humidity and moderate rainfall. The hot season commences early in March and continues till the middle of July. The maximum mean temperature observed is about 32 to 36°C (90 to 97°F) during the months of April, May, June and July. The rainfall is observed during July-August, the months of monsoon. The annual rainfall in the district is about 1,448 millimeters.


Padma River
Varendra research museum
Smriti Amlan


Tours and Sight Seeing 
 »Banks of the Padma River: One of the largest rivers in South Asia.
Varendra Research Museum: Established in 1910, the museum is dedicated to ancient history and culture. It is recognized as the oldest museum in the country. It has a collection of artefacts relating to Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim heritage. Some of these date back to the 16th century. It is maintained by the University, located in the centre of town.
Shrine of Shah Makhdum Rupos: A dargah (tomb) was established to mark the resting place of Shah Makhdum in 1635. He was the first preacher of Islam in the region.
Shaheed Kamruzzaman Central Park and Zoo:The Park is a wide area with trees and grass. The zoo houses a variety of animal species. It is located by the bank of river Padma.


Rajshahi University Campus
The university’s main campus is in Motihar, on the eastern side of the city of Rajshahi and a mile from the river, Padma. The campus area is nearly 753 acres (3.05 km2). Access to the walled-off campus is controlled through three security gates; the central part of the university, accessible by the Main gate, Kazla gate provides access to the southwestern part of the campus and Binodpur gate in the eastern part of the campus. Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Senate building is the closest to the university Main gate. Shaheed Mohammad Shamsuzzoha, Professor and Proctor at Rajshahi University was the first university teacher who was killed by the Pakistani Military Forces at the eve of 1969 revolution movement of East Pakistan, was buried in front of the administration building of Rajshahi University. Some beautiful sight seeing locations in the campus are;




Shabash Bangladesh
Shahid Minar
Boddhovumi, RU


  »Shabash Bangladesh:Commemorates the Bangladesh Liberation War.
  »The Shaheed Minar: Perhaps the most well-known landmark in the university.
  »Rajshahi University Boddhovumi:University tributes to the martyr of 1971.