Functions of the Public Relations Office:

  1. Issuing press releases on different events, occasions, important decisions of the university authority, and so on.
  2. Issuing rejoinders and clarifications on false, malicious,adverse, confusing and wrong news regarding the university.
  3. Preparing newspaper clippings of the news and writings related to the university and related interests published in local and national dailies including the online portals.
  4. Publishing yearly diaries, academic wall and table calendars, greetings cards and other publications for different programmes and occasions, etc.
  5. Photographing different events of the university.
  6. Maintaining the “RU Contacts” app and updating the information therein.
  7. Maintaining the official Facebook page and other social media accounts of the university.
  8. Arranging to advertise the circulars of the university in national and local dailies.
  9. Organizing different events of the university assigned by the authority.
  10. Maintaining contact with media representatives of print and electronic media.