Message from Chairman

Dear Students, Investors, Administrators, and Colleagues! Welcome to our website! We have updated, recreated, and redesigned it to serve you better. We know you depend on us to provide our exceptional undergraduate and graduate curricula and new ideas and stronger policies developed from insight and in-depth research.

The passion, dedication, and love for education shown by our students, faculty, researchers, investors, policymakers continue to inspire us as we work on behalf of the members of the faculty, Rajshahi University, UGC, and Education Ministry of Bangladesh.

We are committed to keeping our work easily, readily accessible to you. In doing so, we have made our website easier to navigate. We included additional resources and more tools to serve you better. The new design supports work in student learning attitude, education reform, complementary learning, and evaluation. In the next few month, we will be adding more new resources for each of these areas. Email updates are now available so you can stay up-to-date on the latest information about research, evaluation results, policies as they are updated, and practice innovations.

Now that our website is completely redesigned, you can search more easily through existing materials, the lecture plan, class notes, thesis and project papers, and online copies of referenced books. Some of our publications will be introduced soon because they are in high demand.

We ask that you provide us with feedback about ways to continue to improve this site. We want our website to reflect our long-standing commitment to learning and the continuous improvement of our students.


Dr. Dilip Kumar Mondol
Department of Population Science and Human Resource Development

Dr. Tapan Kumar Roy