Message from Chairman

This Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest departments in the University of Rajshahi. We have been trying to create a congenial atmosphere for the students of philosophy to express their views regarding the origin and development of life and the universe. As Philosophy is called the love of wisdom, students should enquire into the meaning and truth hidden in nature and natural objects.

The department of philosophy has an excellent faculty strength specialized in the various fields of philosophy. With their exceptional academic acumen, the department of philosophy has been rendering a wonderful service to the pursuit of knowledge.

The department offers four year honours and one year M. A. courses which cover ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary western philosophy as well as logic, psychology, moral philosophy, Muslim philosophy, Indian philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of education, philosophy of religion, comparative religion etc. In the department, we have offered all types of philosophy like theistic, atheistic, polytheistic, monistic, dualistic, pluralistic etc. to enrich and broaden their mental horizon. We want to acquaint students with the contemporary philosophical development so that they may become curious to know the real significance of ultimate reality. We are trying to make our students competent to serve our motherland sincerely and selflessly.