The Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest departments of the University of Rajshahi. It has an excellent faculty strength specialized in the various fields of philosophy. With the exceptional academic expertise of the faculty members, the Department of philosophy has been rendering a wonderful service to the pursuit of knowledge. The Department offers a four year Honors and a one year M. A. degrees which cover ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary western and eastern philosophy as well as logic, psychology, moral philosophy, Muslim philosophy, Indian philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of art, philosophy of education, philosophy of religion, analytic philosophy, comparative religion etc. In our curriculum, we have offered different types of philosophy like theistic, atheistic, polytheistic, monistic etc. to enrich and broaden the mental horizon of the students. We want to acquaint students with the contemporary philosophical development so that they may become curious to know the real significance of ultimate reality. We are trying to make our students competent enough to serve our motherland sincerely and selflessly so that they can be the bright illustration of morality. We offer a unique opportunity to pursue a diversified and a well-balanced plan of study which includes courses ranging from epistemology, metaphysics and axiology. Some of our areas of specialization are analytic philosophy, ethics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, existentialism, aesthetics, contemporary continental philosophy, marxism and post-modernism. More than five hundred students are studying in the Department at present, with the active and cordial guidance of 24 academic staff. In addition to B.A. Honors and M.A. degrees the Department offers M.Phil. and Ph.D Degrees as well under the active guidance of the well qualified faculty members.

The mission of the Department is to develop human resources by exploring the fullest potential with intellectual capability, cross cultural and ethical values. The department has a spirit of making students enthusiastic in lifelong learning through quality education for better life, better nation and knowledge-based society. The objectives of our Department are to develop the ability of the students to enquire into the key problems relating to this universe and the lives therein, to define issues precisely and to criticize them, to learn how to construct and formulate arguments, to expose hidden assumptions, to develop open-mindedness towards ideas other than one’s own, and to write and speak with precision, coherence and clarity. We have been trying to create a congenial atmosphere for the students to express their views regarding the origin and development of life and the universe. As Philosophy is called the love of wisdom, students should enquire into the meaning and truth hidden in nature and natural objects. The graduates of this Department have a prospect to join various prestigious jobs in Government and Non-Government sectors.