Accroding to the Rajshahi University Act 1973 the Treasurer is ex-officio member of the Senate & Syndicate, Chairman of the Finance Committee as well as a member of the Planning and Development Committee. Besides, he is the Chairman of the committee for Selection Grade Professor and committee for the manggement of University Estate . He formulates and recommends all policies for financial management of University funds and ensure that funds are properly used. All contract shouldl be signed by the Treasurer on behalf of the University. All Tenders received in the Tender Box willl remain in the custody of the Treasurer. In matters of purchase he can sanction estimates up to Tk. 50,000/- and sanction P.F loan amount up to Tk. 50,000/- . All payments above Tk. 20,000/- are jointly signed by the Director of Accounts & the Treasurer. All fixed amount transactions with Bank will be operated jointly by the Vice-Chancellor and the Treasurer.