Rules and Regulations

Important points of the Ordinance for the Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics:

Grading System

Numerical Grade (NG) Letter Grade (LG) Grade Point (GP)
80% and above       A+ (A Plus) 4.00
75% to less than 80%       A (A regular) 3.75
70% to less than 75%       A (A minus) 3.50
65% to less than 70%       B+ (B Plus) 3.25
60% to less than 65%       B (B regular) 3.00
55% to less than 60%       B (B minus) 2.75
50% to less than 55%       C+ (C Plus) 2.50
45% to less than 50%       C (C regular) 2.25
40% to less than 45%       D 2.00
Less to than 40%       F 0.00

Duration of the Programme of Study

The programme of study for the degree of B.Sc. (Honours) shall extend over a minimum period of four academic years and the degree shall be completed within a maximum period of six academic years.

Continuous Laboratory Assessment

30% of the total practical marks.

In-course evaluation

Every in-course evaluation will be performed by taking two tutorials/terminals one of which will be taken within 3 months and other within 4-6 months from the beginning of the class.

Class Attendance

Table for awarding marks for attendance

Attendance Marks Attendance Marks Attendance Marks
95 – 100% 5.0% 80 – <85% 3.5% 65 – <70% 2.0%
90 – <95% 4.5% 75 – <80% 3.0% 60 – <65% 1.5%
85 – <90% 4.0% 70 – <75% 2.5% <60% 00%

A student with class attendance below 60% will not be allowed to fill-up the examination form.

Award of Degrees, Promotions and Improvement of Results

A) Award of Degree

The degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics shall be awarded with Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) on the basis of Grade Points Average (GPA) obtained by a candidate in B.Sc. (Honours) Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 and Part-4 examinations. In order to qualify for the B.Sc. (Honours) degree a candidate must have to meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum CGPA of 2.50with at least 34 credits in Part-4 exam.
  2. A minimum GP of 2.00 in the practical courses in each of Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 and Part-4 examinations.
  3. A minimum TCP (Total Credit Points) of 144 out of 160.
  4. “S” letter grade in English course (to be obtained within 4 academic years from the date of admission).

The result shall be given in CGPA with the corresponding Letter Grade (LG) in the bracket. For an example, a result with CGPA of 3.10 will be given as “CGPA = 3.10 (B)”.

B) Promotions

In order to be eligible for promotion from one class to the next higher Honours class, a candidate must secure:

  1. At least GPA of2.00 in each of Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3 exams;
  2. At least GP 2.00 in each of Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3 practical exams;
  3. At least CP 30 in each of Part-1 and Part-2, but a TCP of 64 in Part-1 and Part-2 examinations; at least CP of 34 inPart-3 but a TCP of 102 in Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3 examinations; and
  4. Minimum CP of 34 in Part-4 examinations for considering the award of Honours degree. In order to have B.Sc. (Honours) degree clause A has to be fulfilled by a student.

C) Course Improvement 

A promoted student earning a GP less than 3.00 in individual courses shall be allowed to improve the grades on courses, not more than 8 credits including those of “F” grades, if any, of Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3 examinations or their equivalent courses (in case of changes in the Curriculum), defined by the departmental academic committee, through the regular examinations of the immediate following batch. However, if the candidate fails to clear his/her “F” grades in the first attempt, he/she shall get a second (last) chance in the immediate next year to clear the “F” grades. No improvement shall be allowed in practical and viva-voce examinations. If a candidate fails to improve his/her course grade, the previous grade shall remain valid. If a readmitted candidate fails to appear at the regular class assessment or tutorial his/her previous grades shall remain valid.

D) Result Improvement

A candidate obtaining a CGPA of less than 3.00 at the end of the Part-4 examination, within 5 (five) academic years, shall be allowed to improve his/her result, on up to a maximum of 4 (four) full-units (or 16 credit points) of the Part-4 theoretical courses in the immediate next regular examination after publication of his/her result. The year of examination, in the case of a result improvement, shall remain the same as that of his/her regular examination. His/her previous grades for practical courses/viva-voce and class assessment/tutorial shall remain valid. If a candidate fails to improve CGPA, the previous results shall remain valid.

E) Readmission

A candidate, who failed to appear at the examination or failed to pass the examination, may on approval of the Dept. of Physics be readmitted to the immediate following session in the first, second, third or fourth year of the programme. A readmitted candidate shall have to reappear at all course examinations.

F) Pass Degree

Candidates failing to obtain required CGPA 2.50 and 144 Credit:

  1. For promotion in Honours Part-3 examination in 4 (four) academic years, in case of readmission in Part-3 course year, in 5 (five) academic years, with no readmission in Part-3 course year from the date of 1st year admission. But fulfill the following conditions.
    If a candidate fails to obtain required GPA (2.00) and Credit Point (102) for promotion from Part-3 to Part-4 within 5 academic years from his/her first date of admission in First year but   secured CGPA 2.00 and total Credit Point 94 with LG of “S” in the English Course, shall be awarded Pass degree, such candidates shall not be allowed to improve their pass degree. Or
  2. If a candidate fails to obtain a minimum of 34 Credits and GPA (2.00) in his/her Part-4 examination also fails to obtain 144 Credits and CGPA 2.50 within 6 academic years from his/her first date of admission in first year but secured minimum CGPA 2.00, 128 Credits, with LG of “S” in the English Course, shall be awarded Pass degree and such candidates shall not be allowed to improve their Pass degree.

G) Dropping out

Candidates failing to earn the yearly required GPA after completing regular exams and subsequently failed again after taking readmission in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4thyear or to clear his/her “F” grades in the stipulated period, shall be dropped out of the programme.