Message from Director

The Institute of English and Other Languages (IEOL) offers English programs that prepare graduates for using English in the real world. Our methods of instruction are based on current research in the fields of language teaching. We prepare the graduates for using English in an academic or professional context as well as the culture that is all around them.

The Institute aims to produce skilled English language teachers for the country. It also aims at providing practical training in teaching. The Institute further aims to produce English graduates with knowledge of different areas and aspects of the English Language so that they may meet the need of English in different government, semi-government, autonomous and private organizations. They are also expected to use their language efficiency in the teaching of English to improve the state of English teaching and learning in this country.

Due to the present state of connectivity and communication, learning one or more foreign language/s is becoming more and more a necessity. In our globalized world, those who speak multiple languages have better chances to find suitable employments. The ability to speak a modern language gives graduates a competitive edge over others as the demand for bilingual workers in the world continues to rise. The developing economy of Bangladesh and the expansion of its markets beyond borders make it imperative for Bangladeshi nationals to learn foreign languages.

That’s why, along with its primary focus on the English language, this Institute also provides other language services. It offers certificate courses on:

(a)    French (b) German (c) Russian (d) Spanish (e) Chinese (f) Japanese (g) Korean (h) Hindi

Prof. Abdullah Al Mamun