Message from Dean

The Faculty of Life & Earth Sciences at the University of Rajshahi offers the learners to study for BSc, MS, MPhil and PhD degrees in geoscience discipline. The Faculty endows its students with a rich scientific background, aspires to challenge them, sparks their imagination, and cultivates their intellectual and cultural evolvement so that they can go on to become socially conscience, responsible professionals as teachers, scientists, and researchers.

The Faculty consists of two departments offering education and research mainly in the fields of Geography & Environment and Geology & Mining. The Faculty displays a deep commitment to excellence consisting of a vibrant intellectual community of around 50 faculty members.

Activities of this Faculty are revolving around the Earth science that highlights the search for and extraction of natural resources, an important endeavor during the age of expanding industrialization. It works to gain a better understanding of our planet’s history and its future, the energy and resource base that supports the society, geohazards that affect a growing population, a changing climate, and the challenge of sustainability of the living world. The Faculty of Geosciences, therefore, attracts the most ambitious and inquisitive applicants, thus widening a rich realm of possibilities for education, research and career for them.

The Faculty has so far produced a number of qualified specialists who are currently contributing their acquired knowledges to their respective professions. To date, the faculty members and the students have presented and published a good number of scientific papers in national and international conferences, seminars and journals. In addition, they also have published a number of text books.

The Faculty regularly receives research grants from the University of Rajshahi, University Grants Commission (UGC), and the Ministry of Science & Technology, Bangladesh. These grants are utilized in carrying out quality education and research with outputs beneficial to the nation and mankind.

Today all the scientific realms act in a symbiotic manner, and the Geosciences offer basic resources for the development of researches in all aspects of human knowledge and education. I wish further enhancement of all activities of the Faculty for the days ahead.

Dr. A. H. M. Selim Reza