The Department has a number of scholarships award funded under various trust funds donated by faculties, alumni and their family members.

  1. The ‘Shamshun Nahar-Professor Mustafizur Rahman Student Welfare Fund’ of taka Twenty (20) Lacs donated by faculty member Professor Dr. Sohail Kabir has been introduced since 2019. It provides financial support to all students of B.Sc. (Hon’s) second and third years for geological fieldworks.
  2. The Department also introduced “Students Welfare Scholarship Fund” of taka thirteen (13) lacs for meritorious  students. A total of 30 students (at least 10 each from 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year classes) are presently receiving this scholarship based on the respective academic grades in the year-end examinations.
  3. Additionally, the students of this department can be awarded university central scholarships and gold medals sponsored by individuals and various organizations.