Geologic Museum

The Department has a Geological Museum that has a remarkable collection of minerals, rocks, vertebrate and invertebrate fossils of all phylae, plant fossils, microfossils of diverse origins and ages, crystals models, structural, morphological and historical models, maps and charts etc. These are commonly used for laboratory as well as theoretical studies. It is well equipped with a projector connected with two computers and broad band Wi-Fi. It has a collection of 140 invertebrate of all phylae, 10 vertebrate and more than 100 of microfossils belonging all genera, 8 plant fossils, 80 sedimentary rocks, 65 metamorphic rocks, 73 igneous rocks, 230 crystal models, minerals (173) of Silicates (110) and Non-silicate (63), etc. Students of various departments in the university as well as from different schools and colleges visit to get familiar with its large geological collection.