Career Prospect

Upon completion of their Bachelor of Science (BS Honours) degree from this department, the graduates become eligible to apply for desired positions in various governments, non-government, autonomous and multi-national organizations. Major government and autonomous organizations include: Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB), Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (BOGMC) or Petrobangla, Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration Company (BAPEX), Bangladesh Gas Fields Company Ltd (BGFCL), Sylhet Gas Fields Company Ltd (SGFCL), Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) and Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) etc. The Graduates of Geology and Mining may also build up their career in various national and international organizations like Institute of Water Modeling (IWM), Centre for Geographic Information Services (CEGIS), International Oil Companies (IOCs) and Mining companies like Barapukuria Coal Mine Company Ltd., Maddhapara Granite Mine Company Ltd. etc., different construction, mapping, survey and environmental farms, any research projects in different departments in national and international level etc. Besides, they have opportunity to join cadre services through open competition conducted by Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC). The graduates with comparatively better academic records may also pursue higher studies in the department leading to MS followed by MPhil or PhD or they may apply for higher degrees in foreign universities. The students with both the BSc (Hon’s) and MS degrees having top ordered results may also be appointed as faculty in the public and private universities of the country following rules and regulations of the university.