Departmental Library & PC Center

Besides well equipped laboratories for students, the Department has a seminar library with over 4,500 texts, reference materials, and journals from home and abroad. The library is constantly being updated with reference books and other reading materials. The department provided four computers with internet/Wi-Fi facilities in the library for use of students. It remains open for students during office time.

The computer and GIS laboratory is a well equipped and has about 37 Desktop PCs including 5 high configuration computers, connected to Wi-Fi those provide support for research in the fields of Remote Sensing and GIS, geological mapping, groundwater modeling, resistivity interpretation, well log interpretation, geotechnical data analysis and other geological applications. In addition, desktops are also provided to most of the teachers. It is also equipped with scanner, digitizer and laser printers. The students also use these computers for study related browsing and word processing. Additionally, it provides daily support for word processing for official works.