Welcome to the Department of Banking and Insurance

Message from Chairman

Md. Tohidul Alam
I have great pleasure in introducing you to our Banking and Insurance Department under the faculty of Business Studies at University of Rajshahi. The department of Banking and Insurance began its journey in 2014. The department established with a vision of uncompromised commitment to academic excellence to deliver dynamic, resilient and skilled human resources in banking & insurance sector. We emphasize on building business leaders of tomorrow and our endeavor is to keep a balance between the education we impart and what the industry requires.

Latest Events

Event Date: March 03, 2023; Location: University of Rajshahi.
Event Date: December 10, 2022; Location: Green Valley Park, Natore
Event Date: 7th Mar, 2022 07:39:00 PM – 10th Mar, 2022 07:39:00 PM Location: Jubery Ground, University of Rajshahi Details: