Dept. of Applied Mathematics,
University of Rajshahi
Founded on: 2002
Academic Calendar

Year Class Start Date Class end Date  Examination Date Practical Date Viva-Voce Date
Hons. Part-I, 2017  01/01/2017  – Last week of October/17
Hons. Part-II, 2017 01/01/2017 2nd week of September/17
Hons. Part-III, 2017  22/02/2017 2nd week of November/17
Hons. Part-IV, 2017  15/04/2017  00/03/2016 29/04/2017
M.Sc. 2016  —  00/09/2016  27/04/2017
M.Sc. 2016 (Thesis) Thesis Started Date Thesis Submission Date Viva-Voce Date


Date           Time    Name of Research Fellow                       Topic         M,Phil/PhD/Other
00/00/16  12:30


                                                                       Class Routine -2016

08:15-09:05 09:10-10:00 10:05-10:55 11:00-11:50 11:55-12:45 12:50-01:40 02:00-05:00
Saturday  1H-335-SP  1H-335-AZK  1H-335-AKA  1H-335-AA  1H-Ex-ZI  1H-Ex-SP  Practical
2H-336-AZK 2H-336-ZI 2H-336-SS 2H-336-SP 2H-336-AH 2H-Ex-AB
3H-337-AR 3H-337-SP 3H-337-AA 3H-337-AKA 3H-337-AB 3H-Ex-ZI
4H-336-ZI 4H-336-AR 4H-336-AB 4H-LAB-AKA —– —–
FY-237-AA FY-237-SS FY-237-HA FY-237-SAS FY-Ex-AZK FY-Ex-AR
Sunday    1H-335-SP    1H-335-ZI  1H-LAB-AR —– —- —-  Practical
 2H-336-AZK   2H-336-SS  2H-336-ZI  2H-336-AB  2H-336-AH  2H-Ex-SP
 3H-337-AA   3H-337-AR   3H-337-AKA   3H-337-SS   3H-Ex-AA   3H-Ex-AH
  4H-236-AA  4H-236-SAS  4H-236-HA  4H-Ex-AR  4H-Ex-AB
 FY-237-AR   FY-237-AZK  FY-237-HA  FY-237-SAS  FY-237-AKA  FY-Ex-HA
Monday  1H-335-AZK   1H-335-SP 1H-335-ZI 1H-335-AKA 1H-335-AA 1H-Ex-AA  Practical
 2H-336-SS   2H-336-AZK   2H-LAB-AZK  —  —  —
 3H-337-ZI  3H-337-SS  3H-337-AKA  3H-337-SP  3H-337-AH  3H-Ex-AH
 4H-236-SP  4H-236-AR  4H-236-HA  4H-236-SAS  4H-Ex-SS  4H-Ex-ZI
FY-237-AR FY-237-AA FY-237-AZK FY-237-HA FY-Ex-SAS FY-Ex-AKA
Tuesday 1H-335-AKA 1H-335-AZK 1H-335-ZI 1H-335-AA 1H-Ex-AKA 1H-Ex-AZK  Practical
 2H-336-ZI   2H-336-SP 2H-336-AH 2H-336-AB 2H-Ex-AZK 2H-Ex-ZI
  3H-337-AA  3H-337-AB  3H-LAB-AA  —- —-
 4H-236-AA   4H-236-ZI   4H-236-SP   4H-236-SS  4H-236-AR   4H-Ex-HA
FY-237-AZK  FY-237-AKA FY-237-HA FY-237-AB  FY-237-SS  FY-Ex-HA
Wednesday  1H-   1H-   1H-   1H-   1H-   1H-  Practical
2H-336-SP  2H-336-AB
 3H-337-SP  3H-337-ZI  3H-337-AH  3H-337-AB  3H-Ex-SP
4H-236-ZI 4H-236-AA 4H-236-SAS 4H-236-SS 4H-236-SS 4H-Ex-AA
FY-237-AA  FY-237-AR  FY-237-HA  FY-237-AB FY-Ex-AZK FY-Ex-AB
Thursday  1H-  1H-  1H- 1H- 1H-  1H-  Practical
 2H-   2H-  2H-  2H-  2H-  2H-
 3H-337-AR  3H-337-AB  3H-337-ZI  3H-337-AH  3H-Ex-AA  3H-Ex-AKA
4H-236-SP  4H-236-SS  4H-236-AB 4H-236-HA 4H-Ex-SAS 4H-Ex-AR
FY-237-SS  FY-237-AKA  FY-237-HA  FY-237-SAS  FY-237-AB  FY-Ex-SS



Degree offers with duration:

  1. Four years program, B.Sc. (Honours)
  2. Two years program, M.Sc.
  3. Minimum two years research program, M.Phil
  4. Minimum three years research program, PhD


  1. Number of faculty members: 11
  2. Number of office staff: 09
  3. Internet: University Internet Support
  4. Teaching-Learning facilities
  5. Computer Lab
  6. Seminar Library


Admission process starts in early July of each year.

Research Groups:

  1. Relativistic High Energy Physics
  2. Fluid Dynamics
  3. Nonlinear Differential Equation

Extra-curriculum activities:

Inter years Football Playing contest, Inter years Cricket Playing contest and other cultural programs