The department of Applied Mathematics started functioning in the year 2002. Originally it was in the department of Mathematics. The department of Mathematics was running with two streams from 1972, one is Pure Mathematics and the other one is Applied Mathematics. But in 2002, the stream Applied Mathematics started functioning separately. This department is the first department of Applied Mathematics in Bangladesh. Recently University of Dhaka started a new department on Applied Mathematics.

Establish :                          2002
Old Position :                         3rd Flo0r, Second Science Building
Present Position :                         4th Science Building, Ground Floor
Chairman :                         Dr. Md. Abdul Haque
Teachers :                        11
Professor :                        03
Associate Professor :                        08
Office Staff :                        09
Degree offers :                        B.Sc. & M.Sc. (General & Thesis)
Higher Degree :                       M.Phil & Ph.D
Higher Degree Awarded :                       M.Phil 5 & Ph.D 11