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Dr. Md. Nurul Momen
Dr. Md. Nurul Momen

Message From Chairman

The Department of Public Administration is comparatively a new entity at the University of Rajshahi albeit it has passed about 25 years. The principles of its governance and other relevant modus operandi have been laid down in the university calendar. Students learn from some of the most distinguished scholars and practitioners in their fields. Faculty members at the Department of Public Administration include those who have completed their studies from universities in home and abroad including Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Thailand. Many of them consulted for various government and international nongovernmental organizations. The curriculum within the department is a blend of both the theoretical and the practical—providing students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for successful careers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.


Dr. Md. Nurul Momen
Chairperson &  Professor
Department of Public Administration
University of Rajshahi