About Us

The department is conducting 4- year B.Sc. Honours and a one year M.Sc. courses. The B.Sc. Honours course in Mathematics is spread over four academic years. Presently the academic programme is running in grading system. The department is offering academic courses to the students in two streams. One stream leads to the pure mathematics and another stream leads to the applied mathematics. The department has annual examination system. The B.Sc.  Honours examination in mathematics of each academic year is held at the end of each year entitling  part-I, part-II, part-III, and part-IV examinations. The result of a candidate is determined on the combined results of all parts  written examinations , tutorial and terminal tests, vivavoce examinations and Practical examinations.
The one –year M.Sc.course of the department consists of two streams. One stream is pure mathematics and another stream is applied mathematics. Each stream consists of “thesis group” and “Non thesis group”. The examination is held at the end of one- year course study and thesis work (for thesis group).
The examinations consist of written examination part, tutorial and terminal test part, viva voce and thesis.
There are also M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes in different fields

Students and Fellows:

There are nearly 400 students in the department who are taking courses in B.Sc. Hons. and M.Sc. classes. In addition, a good number of research fellows are doing their research work leading to M.Phil and Ph.D. There are related mathematic courses offered to the students of other departments.

Students Union :

For extracurricular activities such as cultural function, indoor and outdoor games, there is a student union in the department. The student union also takes responsibility to publish a journal of popular articles.

Departmental Library :

The department has a seminar library. It consists of about 5000 books on mathematics. the students get ample facilities to use these books. In addition, there are some daily news papers in the library. The students may acquire a few knowledge of the present day affairs of home and abroad through these papers.

Departmental Laboratory :
In the department there are some courses on computer programming. Consequently , the department has a computer laboratory. There are about one hundred P.C. computers in the laboratory for training the students. The research fellows are also allowed to use computer for their research work