Department History

The Department of History is one of the leading departments in the arena of teaching and learning at the University of Rajshahi. It started its activities with the inception of the University in 1953. The academic activities of this department, however, started in the session 1954-55.The department was built up with the sincerity and erudition of two renowned professors Dr. A. R. Mallick and Dr. A. F. Salahuddin Ahmed. At present the department has 14 teachers and more than 6 hundred students. The department has a seminar library with adequate number of reference books, periodicals and national and international Journals. Extra curricular activities like games and sports, cultural functions, etc. are given priority here for the betterment of the students. Every year it organizes study tours for the students of M.A final year in both home and abroad. Historical tours for the students belonging to different year to visit different historical places around the country are also organized. A handsome number of graduates of this department have completed their M. Phil and Ph.D research works. The graduates of this department, enriched with their degrees, are playing an important role in the overall academic activities of their discipline in the country. Apart from that, the graduates of this department have been serving different public and private bodies with utmost sincerity and thereby providing an invaluable contribution to the overall economic development of the country.The relation between the teachers and the students of the department is very cordial. The students here in the department are well disciplined. The teachers are also helpful to them in many ways. To make this relationship stronger, Rajshahi University History Alumni Association was formed in 1995. The Association holds its biennial conferences in every two years. The Association provides the poor and meritorious students of the department with financial assistance. The Association also extends its cooperation with the department in many ways.The department strictly follows the principle of upholding its academic standard upto the mark. Examinations of the different year are held here in a regular manner. The teachers of the department attend their classes slot88 carefully. Academic calendar of the department is strictly followed to get the students updated with all academic programs of the department. In fact, both the teachers and the students are sincere to reciprocate in maintaining the academic activities of the department smoothly.