Welcome to the Department of Finance and Banking, part of the Faculty of Business Studies at the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.


who care about time, money and risk and how they interact to influence economic decisions of the individuals and institutions should find finance as one of the most relevant and exciting courses of study.


is the study of how individuals and their agents (such as firms and other entities) make choices among alternatives which have uncertain payoffs over multiple time periods in the future. From a macro perspective, it is a specialized branch of economics with particular focus on how individuals, businesses and governments should raise and science of business, when followed, leads to the maximum possible utility for the investors and the most efficient allocation of scarce resources for the economy as a whole.

The aim of the Department is to provide a solid understanding of the theoretical and methodological variety thatexists in approaches to understanding various economic and financial phenomena, as well as the comprehensive skills in financial analysis and mathematical techniques. Our courses provide opportunities for students to learn to think critically and communicate effectively on a wide spectrum of issues in economics and business in general and in finance and banking in particular. We encourage students to further develop their skills of independent scholarly enquiry, policy analysis and decision making in the context of contemporary financial issues affecting the real business world and the economy.

Our courses are particularly suitable for those who pursue a rewarding career in finance – both monetarily and emotionally. Finance graduates are in high demand and command some of the highest salaries in big corporations, financial institutions, investment companies and financial analysis industry.

Even those who are majoring in other fields have good reasons to study finance. Manynon-financial managers are now increasingly finding that an understanding of the principles and practice of finance is necessary in order to further their own careers, particularly as their responsibilities become more general in nature as they progress through the organizational hierarchy.

Finally, those who are simply interested in learning about finance for personal reasons can benefitsignificantly from our courses. Essentially every student of the Department can benefit from an understanding of how finance affects their personal lives. This concerns areas such as workplace benefits, income and tax planning, insurance and risk management, investments in financial assets and real estate, and the personal effects of a general financial crisis in the economy.


The Department of Finance and Banking at the University of Rajshahi came into being in July 1981. With a total number of 25 qualified and enthusiastic academic staff, the department is committed to:
  • Providing an academic environment within which all students can enjoy a rigorous and stimulating education in finance and banking.
  • Providing a curriculum of depth and breadth from which students can gain a wide range of skills and knowledge, both specific and general

At a Glance

Name Finance & Banking
Established 1981
Location Room # 254, Rabindra Bhaban, 1st Floor (Middle block)
Chairman Dr. A H M Ziaul Haq
No. of Current Students 575
No. of Academic Staff 24
Courses Offered BBA, MBA, MBA (Evening), M.Phil., Ph.D.
Facilities Self Contained Computer Lab, Shared Faculty Seminar Library, Shared Faculty Computer Lab.