Message from Provost

The University of Rajshahi is the reputed second largest University among the Universities of Bangladesh, known as the Cambridge of the East. It is one of the country’s most self-contained universities and digital campuses. The University has a total of 17 halls and an international standard dormitory. ‘Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnessa Hall’ is one of the most spectacular halls in the University of Rajshahi. 
The management of ‘Bangamata Hall’ has been tirelessly working towards the betterment of female students by providing them with top-notch facilities. They have consistently tried to ensure that every student is well-equipped to excel in their academic pursuits. My utmost priority as the provost of this hall is to facilitate its comprehensive growth and progress. The soundproof glass in the library has been carefully designed to provide the perfect environment for students to study. With reliable internet access and a conducive learning environment, students can pursue their studies without interruptions. Furthermore, a dedicated area named “Hridaye Bangabandhu” has been established to cultivate female scholars’ educational, societal, artistic, and forward-thinking development. In order to encourage religious harmony and values, ‘Bangamata Hall’ includes a prayer hall for Muslim girls and spaces for worship for the Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian communities.
‘Bangamata Hall’ students have demonstrated remarkable success in various sports, prevailing in intra-hall and inter-university outdoor and intramural competitions. Their achievements are truly commendable and deserving of acknowledgment. The hall administration is fully committed to providing unwavering support to female players. The ‘Bangamata Fazilatunnessa’ debating club in the hall aims to empower female students by encouraging freedom of thought. The talented members of this club have competed in national-level debates and earned the title of champions. The hall students have also demonstrated their literary and cultural skills at both the university and national levels. Bandhan organizations provide valuable free services such as blood donation and blood group testing to benefit humanity. The ranger unit volunteers actively participate in various skill programs and visit halls and universities to reach more needy people. The hall administration has also extended maximum support to the students for their extraordinary activities and success. ‘Bangamata Hall administration has taken the initiative to create swings, seating areas, and an open stage to entertain female students. Steps have been taken to develop an internal flower garden to beautify the Hall.
I firmly believe that students are the foundation of any university. Their contributions will be instrumental in propelling the country forward during this new era of globalization. The provost must ensure that residential students have access to top-notch facilities. I am thoroughly impressed by the administration’s dedication to this hall’s timely development and growth. I extend my gratitude to them for undertaking such a magnificent initiative.
Professor Dr. Farjana Quayum Keya