The Controller of Examinations shall be responsible for all matters connected with the conduct of examinations and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Statutes and the university Ordinances. To conduct of a particular examination, the office has 10 (ten) sections, namely-(a) the General section, (b) the Confidential section/Question section, (c) the Script section, (d) the Results section, (e) the Store section, (f) the Mark Sheet section, (g) the Provisional Certificate section, (h) the Original Certificate section, (i) the Record section and (j) the Examination Bills section.

The General Section

This section does the functions of serving notices and schedules of the relevant examinations, prepares the admit cards and the examination roll sheets and sending them to relevant residential Halls and Departments, receives the letters from different offices and prepares and dispatches letters to the relevant parties. Despite these works for conducting the examinations, this section does the administrative, budgetary and managerial jobs of the whole office. Section in- charge is responsible for doing these jobs with the help of the officer and staffs of the section.

The Confidential/Question Section

This is the most sensitive and highly confidential section of the office. Through this section, the in-charge gets approval of the relevant examination committees and the question setters as proposed by the concerned examination committees of the Departments. This section gets moderated questions, arranges printing and packaging of the moderated questions, preserves the packets, and arranges to deliver the packets of questions of the day-wise examinations. Sometimes, some departments do the printing and packaging of the moderated questions and arrange the day-wise examinations in consultation with this section.

The Script and Result Sections

These sections are also very sensitive and confidential in nature. After holding of the examinations, the examination-scripts and dissertations/theses are handed over to the concerned examiners with the instructions and receive the marks of the concerned examinations.

After receiving all the marks of the concerned examination, the tabulators are appointed and results are prepared in Tabulation Sheets and the results are printed in the gazettes in the result section and (in some cases) in the Departments, which are duly verified and signed by the tabulators of concerned examinations.

The proper authority subject to approval of the Syndicate provisionally publishes the results. The University authority reserves the right to correct or cancel the results if any discrepancy arises. Disciplinary actions are also taken in cases of malpractices done by the examinees subject to the reporting from the departments/examination halls or from the examiners.

The results are properly filed and the Tabulation Sheets are duly signed and Tabulation Sheets are sent to the Marks Sheet Section, the concerned results gazettes are sent to all residential Halls, to the Departments concerned and to the Certificate Sections and reserve copies of the Tabulation Sheets of the concerned examinations are kept in racks in a special room.

The Store Section

The Store Section of the office of the Controller of Examinations where the approved copies (by Faculty/Institute and AC & Syndicate) of the Certificates of all Degree/Diplomas are prepared through the RU Press and preserved in Almiras. As and when the demand is received from the concerned Certificates Sections, these are handed over to them so that the passed-out/ successful candidates get the documents as and when they apply for the same. Moreover, the in- charge of the Store Section manages to procure the necessary goods and items for the office running as per budgetary allocations.

The Marks Sheet Section

The Mark Sheet Section, where the records of the individuals’ marks obtained in any final examination are maintained in the books known as Tabulation Sheets. Year-wise and subject-wise books are bound and placed in (wooden/steel) racks of different sizes. But, due to shortage of spaces, trained persons and racks, these records are somehow replaced from the racks and at that moment, the records or marks are difficult to deliver to the individuals’.

The records through tabulation sheets are arranged rather dumped in racks. Tabulation sheets are of different sizes and they are bound after all the results of a particular Faculty are published. It would be possible to maintain the records of the marks of the individuals’ if proper spaces and racks are available with trained persons. Otherwise, data base is to be developed or micro films with readers or CD’s are maintained in the Marks Sheet Section for giving instant services to the individual students. Candidates may get the marks sheets or the Transcript of the Academic Records and also get them verified to be the true (exact) copy of the original ones on payment of fees and on demands only.

The Provisional and Original Certificate Sections

There are two types of certificates given to the passed-out candidates. Before the approval of the published results in the AC & Syndicate, candidates generally receive the Provisional Certificate (PC) for the time being. But, after the approval of the concerned examination results by the Syndicate, candidate can receive the Original Certificate (OC) on payment and on demands only by surrendering the earlier issued Provisional Certificate. They may also get them verified to be the true (exact) copy of the original ones on payment of fees and on demands only.

The Record Section

The Record Section of the office of the Controller of Examinations, where the records of all the notices of holding the examinations of the year, notices for filling forms of the year, examination forms (ENTRY FORMS) and results of the concerned examinations of a particular year are stored. But, due to the shortages of spaces and racks and the same time trained persons, these records are arranged in a very haphazard manner. At sometimes, it is very difficult to locate particular information of a student in need. The individual records are arranged or dumped in racks either in a bound or loose form. It would be possible to maintain the records if proper space, trained record keepers and racks are made available. Otherwise, database or microfilms with readers or CD’s are to be maintained in this section.

The Examination Bills Section

This Section deals with the passing of remunerations of the specified jobs duly reported by the concerned examination committees and are duly attested by the concerned Question and Script Section in-charges of the office of the Controller of Examinations. Moreover, they pass the TA/DA bills when the external examiners place their bills through the departments in prescribed forms. Then, this section processes the bills and after passing the same, handover the same to the University Accounts Section for payment of the proceeds to the examiners/persons concerned.