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    Sabash Bangladesh, RU
    Sabash Bangladesh, RU

Welcome to Central Science Lab

Prof Rafiqul Ahsan

University of RajshahiThe Central Science Laboratory (CSL) of the University of Rajshahi is a premier, multidisciplinary research laboratory. It is a staffed facility for centralizing major items of equipment used by more than one faculty, institute or department. Today, the concept of centralized laboratory services is well accepted, but that was not always the case. In 2005, the central Science Laboratory was born out of a need for a centralized facility of research in the physical, chemical and biological research at various department of the University of Rajshahi. With a rich history CSL has helped and deployed new technologies that have achieved international scientific recognition and transformed society. CSL also provides other local organization and industries with access to equipment and scientific services that is not otherwise available in Rajshahi.

Professor Md Rafuqul Ahsan
Dept. of Physics


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