Academic Programs

Academic programmes

To this end in view the department conducts its academic programmes and offers the degrees Bachelor of Social Science (BSS Honours) and Master of Social Science (MSS) in Public Administration under its well-conceived academic curriculum and properly administered academic calendar. In addition to the regular academic programmes, the department also made the provision for Master Degree programme for the professionals.  It is worth mentioning that the department confers higher research degrees like M.Phil. and PhD.

The Department does carry out its vision and mission through well designed multi-disciplinary academic programmes built upon curriculum duly approved by the committee of courses as stipulated by the University Ordinance with due approval process by the University Academic Council through Dean of the Faculty of Social Science. The academic programmes of BSS (Honours) MSS are executed by the faculty members under yearly academic calendar approved by the departmental academic committee. In order to ensure steady progress of the academic programmes spread over the four years for BSS degree and 12 months for MSS degree, the department monitors through approved internal evaluation and monitoring mechanisms.


Medium of Instruction:

The medium of instruction in the Department of Public Administration is English.


Academic Programme Management

The Department of Public Administration offers Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) in Public Administration and Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Social Science that carry 3000 marks and 120 credits for BSS and 900 marks and 36 credits for MSS Degrees respectively. MPA degree can be obtained by either course work or by combination of courses plus thesis. Thesis is the constituent part of the MPA degree and carries 300 marks and for that matter a thesis student can take two courses off from his/her regular on-going courses. The BSS (Honours) and MSS Degrees that the Department  Public Administration  confers at Rajshahi University are considered equivalent to the undergraduate and graduate degrees in the universities of the North America. In addition, the Department of Public Administration offers 2 years Evening Master Degree programme in Public Administration for professionals who have already graduated in other disciplines and employed in services, may be in government or private sector organizations. The programme comprises of 17 courses and carries 70 credits.


 Management of Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) programme in Public Administration

BSS (Honours) Degree in Public Administration is extended over a period of four academic years. It contains 28 courses carrying a total of 3000 Marks and 120 credit hours. A detail year wise and course wise marks distribution along with the credit hours is shown below in the table in the summary of the programme structure.

The Year-wise Distribution of Marks for BSS Honors

Honours Part I Examination Marks
i.    Honours Courses (Written)

ii.   Viva Voce and Attendance (40+10)



Total 650
Honours Part II Examination Marks
i.    Honours Courses (Written)

ii.   Practical

iii.  Viva Voce and Attendance (40+10)




Total 750
Honours Part III Examination Marks
i.    Honours Courses (Written)

ii.   Viva Voce and Attendance (40+10)



Total 850
Honours Part IV Examination Marks
i.    Honours Courses (Written)

ii.   Practical

iii.  Viva Voce and Attendance (40+10)




Total 750

Written                                     :  2750

Practical                                   :     50

Viva Voce and Attendance    :   200

                                        Grand Total:         = 3000


Management of Master of Social Science (MSS) Programme

MSS Degree in Public Administration can be obtained by pursuing any of the following two ways: (i) purely coursework (general group) (ii) course work & thesis (thesis group).

Course Work:

As a part of fulfilment of MSS degree, the Department of Public Administration offers 08 courses, each carrying 100 marks (80 marks for written examination and 20 marks for internal evaluation) and 4 credit hours. In addition, viva-voce, terminal and tutorial carry 50, 25 and 25 marks respectively. Course-wise distribution of marks and credit hours are as follows:

Summary of the Programme Structure

Master of Social Science (MSS): 2017-2018                                                                                                                                                                           Examination 2018

Course No. Course Title Marks Duration of Exam. Credits Hours
PA  501 Organisation Theories and Behaviour (80+20) 100 4 hours 4
PA  502 Development Administration (80+20) 100 4 hours 4
PA  503 Public Policy Analysis (80+20) 100 4 hours 4
PA  504 Administrative Law (80+20) 100 4 hours 4
PA  505 New Public Management (80+20) 100 4 hours 4
PA  506 Administrative Reforms for Innovation and Good Governance (80+20) 100 4 hours 4
PA  507 Strategic Management (80+20) 100 4 hours 4
PA  508 Administrative Ethics (80+20) 100 4 hours 4
                          Total = 800   32
  Viva-voce + Attendance (40+10) 50 N/A 02
  Terminal + Research (25+25) 50 N/A 02
  Grand Total = 900   36


Thesis Group:

In case of thesis group, the students will choose 6 courses out of 8 and the thesis and viva-voce will carry 250 and 50 marks respectively.

  Marks Credits   Credits Point
Total Marks of Course Work 600 (Credits 4´6) = 24
Thesis 250 (Credits 4´2.5) = 10
Viva Voce 50 (Credits 4´0.5) = 02
Total Marks = 900 Total Credits = 36





Syllabus for M. Phil./ Ph.D programmes in the Department of Public Administration Session: 2017-2018

The core objective of the research degree programme in this department is the addition/ advancement of knowledge by way of interpreting/ reinterpreting existing knowledge or by creating new knowledge in any sub-field of the discipline of public administration thus making a contribution to the development/ expansion of the academic discipline itself.

The Department of Public Administration offers M. Phil and PhD Degrees abreast of regular academic programmes. For M.Phil. and PhD degrees, the fellows undertake compulsory as well as optional courses as part of requirement for obtaining the degree. A fellow will have to take one compulsory course and one optional course among the following courses.

Summary of the Programme Structure

  1. The Compulsory Course:

601: Advanced Research Methodology

Theory                 : 60

Statistics              : 40

  1. Optional Courses:

602: Bangladesh Public Administration: Issues and Problems

603: Administrative Theory and Behaviour

604: Development Administration

Distribution of Marks
  1. Compulsory Course           : 100
  2. Optional Course                 : 100

(Qualifying marks is 45% in each course)




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