Physical Education

Our department it has open in the year 1957. At the time of starting there were only four members as a staff. But now the staff members are more. In our department now there are four sports officer and every separate hall it has the separate sports officers. Totally there are 18 sports officers in the R.U. There are also 28 other category office staff here in our department.  Now the present director of this department is Mr. Md. Khairul Anam.

There is a standard stadium in the R.U. Seat capacity of the stadium is 30 thousands. There are also two good grounds which is by name Habibur Rahman ground and the other is Jubbery ground. There everyday student’s of the R. U. play and practice different games and sports. In the stadium there is a good cricket ground, four practicing pitch, good football ground, two volleyball grounds, two handball grounds, and also a  400 m. track.

There are 2 gymnasiums, which is call central gymnasium, and the other is ladies gymnasium. Boy’s they are practicing in the central gymnasium and the girl’s they are practicing in the ladies gymnasium. All indoor games practicing facilities are the in the central gymnasium. There is a separate weight training room in the central gymnasium, there student’s of the Rajshahi University practice regularly in the afternoon for maintain their own physical fitness.

There are 2 international level lone tennis courts, 2 basketball grounds and there is a national level swimming pool. These are all control by the physical Education Department.

There is a committee in the Rajshahi University, which call “Sports Development Board”. It is the main committee of the physical education department. Honourable Vice Chancellor is the president of this committee. Under this committee there are 3 other games sub committee by name-

  1. Inter Department Games sub Committee
  2. Games sub committee
  3. Athletics and Aquatic sub Committee

Inter Department Games sub committee

This is one of the most import committee regarding games and sports of the Physical Education Department Rajshahi University. In the every year all the inter department competition like as football, cricket, volleyball, handball, basketball, chess, carom, lone tennis, badminton, table tennis etc. are well guided, maintained and organized by this committee. It is the duty of this committee to select where, how and which competition will start.

Games Sub-committee

It is another important committee of the Physical Education Department Rajshahi University. Main function of this committee is to arrange or organize the team selection, team coaching as the Rajshahi University team can participate in the Inter University and National competition.

Athletics and Aquatic sub Committee

This is very important committee for the athletics and swimming water polo competition. This committee shall organize the Inter college and Inter University Athletics competition, participation, athletics team selection, coaching etc. On the other hand Aquatic committee arranges and supervises Inter college , Inter University swimming, water polo competition. This committee arranges everything as the Rajshahi University team can participate in the National and Inter University competition.

These are all the present picture of the Physical Education Department.

Md. Khairul Anam

Director (Inc)

Physical Education Department
Rajshahi University
Telephone no. 750614
Mailing address:  Physical Education Department, University of Rajshahi – 6205.




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