History of the Department

Microbiology is a wide area of science that includes bacteriology, virology, mycology, phycology, parasitology, and other branches of biology. This subject is making milestones in medical sciences, plant and animal health, industrial microbiology, agricultural sciences and other sectors. On 17th December 2020, the University of Rajshahi has established this subject as the Department of Microbiology with the vision of making skillful man power, under the Faculty of Biological Sciences and containing its academic, administrative as well as extracurricular activities. Professor Dr. Biswanath Sikdar joined as Founder Chairmen of this new Department. This department offers four years (8 Academic Semesters) B. Sc. (Honours) degree programme. The Department of Microbiology, now flourishing with good number of class rooms, office, seminar library, practical and research spaces in the field of microbiology.

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