Medical Center

Medical Center

Rajshahi University Medical Centre is situated on the centre point of the University. Students & all the family members of the teachers and other employees receive treatment & medical advices here. Other than treatment facilities X-ray, Pathology & Biochemistry, ECG, Nebulization & ambulance service is available. There are many units such as medicine, orthopedics, eye, skin, VD and Pediatrics. There are two out-door facilities here, morning & evening. In the morning shift patients are received from 8-15 am to 12-00 noon. In the evening shift patients are received from 2-30 pm to 5-30 pm. In the night shift & holydays only emergency patients can receive their treatments. Students enjoy all the facilities without any costs. Teachers & all others employees enjoy all the facilities on payment except consultation.

A branch of Govt. family planning office is situated here. All the family planning facilities are available here. Vaccination Program for the children is available here once a month arranged by the City Corporation.

Position & Short History

Medical Center is situated middle point of Rajshahi University. On its south Binodpur Bazar, west side Motihar Hall & North-eastern side Shah Mokdum Hall is situated. This Medical Centre was established in the year of 1958 to serve the teachers, stuffs and students of this university. Name of the departmental head since 1974 are given below.

List of Departmental Head

 1. Dr. Md. Abdul Qayum- Assistant Medical Officer
2. Dr. Md. Abdul Kader- Medical Officer
Chief Medical Officer From to End
3. Dr. Shamsuddin Ahmed 11/03/1974 to 31/12/1977
4. Dr. M. A. Bashar( In charge) 01/01/1978 to 08/05/1978
5. Dr. Mohammad Eunus 09/05/1978 to 30/06/1989
6. Dr. Shahidul Islam (In charge) 01/07/1989 to 12/03/1990
7. Dr. Shahidul Islam 13/03/1990 to 29/06/1994
8. Dr. Mirza Wazed Hossain Begg. (In charge) 30/06/1994 to 08/09/1996
9. Dr. Lutfonnesa Begum (In charge) 09/09/1996 to 19/02/1998
10. Dr. Lutfonnesa Begum 20/02/1998 to 30/06/1999
11. Dr. Mirza Wazed Hossain Begg. (In charge) 01/07/1999 to 11/10/2000
12. Dr. Mirza Wazed Hossain Begg. 12/10/2000 to 13/07/2003
13. Dr. Jafar Ali Chowdhury (In charge) 16/07/2003 to 18/12/2004
14. Dr. Md. Abdul Mazid (In charge) 19/12/2004 to 09/10/2005
15. Dr. Nadira Begum (In charge) 10/10/2005 to 28/05/2006
16. Dr. Mirza Wazed Hossain Begg. 29/05/2006 to still now

There is a post designated as Additional Chief Medical Medical Officer, which is in the same scale with Chief Medical Officer & serves as C.M.O. when C.M.O is about temporary & permanently.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Mirza Wazed Hossain Beg


Additional Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Md. Hamidul Haq


Name and designation of the Physicians other with Chief Medical Officer and Additional Chief Medical Officer




1. Dr. Nadira Begum Deputy Chief Medical Officer
2. Dr. Md. Abdul Mazid Deputy Chief Medical Officer
3. Dr. Jafar Ali Chowdhury Deputy Chief Medical Officer
4. Dr. Masih-Ul Alom Hossain Deputy Chief Medical Officer
5. Dr. Md. Tobibur Rahman Sk. Deputy Chief Medical Officer
6. Dr. Md. Helal Uddin Deputy Chief Medical Officer
7. Dr. Nur Mohal Begum Deputy Chief Medical Officer
8. Dr. Fakir M. Abu Zahid Deputy Chief Medical Officer
9. Dr. Yeasmeen Khaleque Deputy Chief Medical Officer
10. Dr. Anjuman Ara Begum Deputy Chief Medical Officer
11. Dr. Mafruha Siddiqa Lipi Deputy Chief Medical Officer
12. Dr. Rexona Khatun Deputy Chief Medical Officer
13. Dr. Salil Ranjan Somaddar Deputy Chief Medical Officer
14. Dr. Md. Rafiquzzaman Khan Senior Medical Officer
15. Dr. Md. Anwar Hossain Senior Medical Officer
16. Dr. Md. Abdul Wadood Senior Medical Officer
17. Dr. Shirin Ayesa Siddiqua Senior Medical Officer
18. Dr. Shameem Hossain Chowdhury Senior Medical Officer
19. Dr. Md. Loman Manjur Senior Medical Officer
20. Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman Medical Officer
21. Dr. Md. Sajid Hafiz Medical Officer (Part time)
22. Dr. Md. Nazim Uddin Medical Officer (Part time)
23. Dr. Achinto Kumar Mollick Medical Officer (Part time)
24. Dr. Kha. Moha. Gulam Mostafa Medical Officer (Part time)


List of Specialist Physicians




Shifting Duty

1. Dr. Masih-Ul Alom Hossain Dermatologist Morning : 8 am to 2 pm
2. Dr. Md. Tobibur Rahman Sk. Eye Specialist Afternoon : 2 pm to 8 pm
3. Dr. Md. Helal Uddin Orthopadics Without holyday Every Morning 8 am to 2 pm
4. Dr. Rexona Khatun Child Specialist Afternoon or night (from home)
5. Dr. Md. Rafiquzzaman Khan Hemotologist For pathology
6. Dr. Shirin Ayesa Siddiqua Dentist & Sergeon Without holyday Every Morning at 8 am to 2 pm

Now she is an U.K. with two years study leave.


List of Officers


Name of Officers


1. Md. Humayun Kabir Deputy Registrer
2. Md. Shorab Hossain Senior Technical Officer
3. Md. Sanaullah Talukder Senior Technical Officer
4. Abdullah Mehmud Hasan Senior Technical Officer
5. Dewan Ali Haider Senior Technical Officer
6. Md. Azharul Islam Senior Technical Officer
7. Md. Mahbub Alam Senior Technical Officer
8. Md. Abu Zafar Assistant Registrer

List of Third Class employees




1. Md. Shofiul Azam Talukdar X-Ray Technician
2. Khaja Nurun Nobi Khandoker Senior Assistant
3. Mrs. Halima Khatun E.C.G Technician
4. Md. Abdul Basir UD Assistant-Cum Typist
5. Md. Mosharrof Hossain UD Assistant
6. Md. Kamruzzaman LD Assistant
7. Md. Shariful Islam Pharmasist
8. Md. Serajul Islam Pharmasist
9. Md. Abdul Mannan Word boy (LDA eqv)
10. Md. Samjan Ali Ordarly peon (LDA eqv)


List of M.L.S.S.




1. Md. Rojob Ali Talukdar Orderly Peon
2. Md. Shofiqul Islam Orderly Peon
3. Md. Tajul Islam Guard
4. Md. Emdadur Rahman Word Boy
5. Md. Shofiqur Rahman Word Boy
6. Md. Abul Kalam Azad Dispensary Peon
7. Mrs. Asha Aziz Midwife assistant
8. Md. Abdul Quddus Orderly Peon
9. Md. Nurul Islam Word Boy
10. Md. Rohed Ali Guard
11. Md. Bashirul Islam Orderly Peon
12. Md. Saraul Karim Office Peon
13. Md. Shamsul Islam Guard
14. Md. Mominur Rahman Cleaner
15. Dillip Kumar Das Sweeper
16. Darpon Kumar Hela Sweeper
17. Sunil Dome Sweeper
18. Mst. Ayesha Begum Sweeper
19. Mst. Sufia Khatun Sweeper
20. Md. Raihanul Haque Guard ( From Stuard Section)
21. Mst. Hasna On Daily basis
22. Mst. Kazoli On Daily basis

List of Medical Centre Management Committee

1. Advisory Committee

2. Medicine Purchese Committee

3. Duty Roster Sub-committee

4. Medical Board

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