Roles and Responsibilities of IQAC

The IQAC of University of Rajshahi shall remain responsible for discharging the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. To promote activities relating to enhancement of quality of education at University of Rajshahi.

  2. To facilitate the implementation of follow-up actions recommended in Self-Assessment reports of the respective Department and Institute.

  3. To monitor and supervise the implementation of improvement plans of different entities of the University.

  4. To facilitate the process of gaining accreditation of different departments, faculties, institutes, and the university as a whole through the central Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) of the UGC and proposed Accreditation Council.

  5. To remain connected with IQAC of other public universities and national and international quality assurance units in order to remain updated about different issues relating to quality assurance.

  6. To initiate different projects and programs for improving the quality of teaching, learning, research and administration of the university.

  7. To conduct periodical reviews on the existing measures of Quality Assurance (QA) and suggest required changes on the basis of QA indicators, including peer feedback, student evaluation reports and external reviews.

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