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Dr. Md. Isqiaque Hossain
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Associate Professor
Department of Fisheries, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Research interest: Aquaculture and Management, Socio-economic Analysis in Fisheries science

Contact # Cell# +8801726514232

Nationality: Bangladeshi (by birth)



PhD Degree

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental and Development (Ph.D in Environment and Development)

Thesis title: Assessment of Water Productivity and Socioeconomic Well-Being of Fishermen in Seasonal Floodplains: A Case Study of Beel Mail and Chandpur Rajshahi District, Bangladesh

Institution: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University Malaysia).

Year: 2010


M S Degree:

Degree: M.S. in Aquaculture and Management,

Thesis title: Effect of Fertilization on benthos production.

Institute: Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh.

Year: July 1995-December1996


B.Sc. Degree

Degree: B. Sc. Fisheries (Honours),

Thesis title: Not applicable

Institute: Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh.

Year: 1992 (Held in 1995)


Work Experiences:


1.  Working as an Assistant professor in the Department of Fisheries, University of Rajshahi from 13.09.2004 to 6.12.2010.


2.  Working as Lecturer in the Department of Fisheries, University of Rajshahi from 13.09.2001 to 12.09.2004.


3.   Working as a House Tutor in Rokey Hall, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh from 21.3.2010 to till date.


4.  Worked as Extension Officer of Forth Fisheries Project (GOB) from 09.03.2000 to  

     11.09.2001 at upazila of Shibpur, Narsingdhy.


5.  Worked as Training Officer in Mymensingh Aquaculture Extension Project (GOB/ DANIDA) from 25.05.97-06.09.98 in Upazila of Kishorgong sadar.


Areas of Research :
  • Fish culture in freshwater resources

  • Benthic communities

  • Economic analysis of Floodplain Fisheries

  • Evaluation of Productivity in aquatic resources

Projects and Grants :
  • Commonwealth scholarship award 2006 (From March, 2006 to December 2009), for Ph.D. research under the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

  • Research Associate fellowship award 2006, WorldFish Center, Pinang Malaysia for Ph. D. research.

  • eaching Award' program 2004 under SUFER Project funded by Department for International Development (DFID), UK.

Selected Publications:


  1. M. I Hossain, M. A. R. Faruk, M. J. U. Miah, M. K. Kanak and N. C. Roy, 2001. Effect of fertilization on benthos production, Bangladesh J. Fish, 24(1-2): 39-43.

  2. N. C. Roy, M. A. R. Faruk, M. S. Azad and M. I. Hossain, 2001. Culture prospects of nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in backyard ditches at farmers level, Bangladesh J. Fish 24(1-2): 31-38.



  1. M. A. Alam, S. Dewan, M. I. Hossain and M. G. Hussain, 2002. Food and feeding habit of Tor putitora (Hamilton), Univ.j.zool. Rajshahi Univ.Vol.21, pp.21-22

  2. K. A. Huq, M. I. Hossain and M. N. Huda, 2002. Abundance and feeding ecology of freshwater apple snail Pila globosa in beel ecosystem of Gopalgonj, Univ.j.zool. Rajshahi Univ.Vol.21, 2002.pp.35-36.

  3. M. N. Zaman, M. I. Hossain, M. S. Rahman, M. Nazrul Islam, 2002. Effects of periphyton on monoculture of GIFT tilapia. J. bio-sci, 10:53-58.
  4. M. A. Alam, M. G. Hossain, M. I. Hossain and S. Dewan, 2002. The diel and seasonal patterns of feedings of Tor putitora (Hamilton). J. bio-sci, 10:95-99.



  1. K. D. Simon, F. A. Flowra, M. I. Hossain, R. Islam, K. A. Huq and A. G. Mazlan, 2008.  A comparative study of traditional and improved traditional culture system of black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) in khulna, Bangladesh. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management 3(2):41-51.



  1. M. I. Hossain, C. Siwar, Mazlin Bin Mokhtar, M. M. Dey, A. H. Jaafar. 2009. Socio-economic condition of fishermen in seasonal floodplain beels in Rajshahi district, Bangladesh. Research Journal of Social Sciences, 4: 74-81.



  1. M. I. Hossain, C. Siwar, Mazlin Bin Mokhtar, M. M. Dey, A. H. Jaafar. 2010. Impact of Community Based Fish Culture on Seasonal Floodplain Beel - A Comparative Study. J. Sci. Res. 2 (2) 369-379.


  1. Lestari Postgraduate Colloquium 17 th and 18 th June 2010 at the conference Hall of the center for research for Instrumentation Management (CRIM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

  2. International Conference on ‘Community Based Approaches to Fisheries Management”. Organized by the Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM 2) Project, Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh and the Worldfish Center, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 6-7 March, 2007.


Attended in workshop

1.      I have attended the workshop on "Recent Trends in Environmental Sciences" April,24-26,2004 for paper presentation. Organized by National Environmental Science Academy in collaboration with Dept.of Botany,Jamia Hamdard University,New Delhi-110062, India.


2.      I have attended the workshop on “Graduate Curriculum development course in Fisheries Syllabus" 13-31 October 2003 from Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management field of study, School of Environment Research and Development, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Pathumthani, Thailand.


3.      Attended in the Final Workshop on Community Based (CB) Fish Culture in Seasonal Floodplains in Bangladesh on 29 th March 2010, at the conference room of Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Alokar More, Rani Bazar, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.


Training obtained:

1.   Participated in a training program on “Scio-Economic Studies on Fisheries &Rural                                   Development” organized by the Department of Agriculture Extension Education Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh dated on 2004.

2.   I received a TOT on “Gender & Development (GAD)” from Step Towards Development (STD) organized by Mymensingh Aquaculture Extension Project (MAEP) dated from June 2-11, 1997.

.3.  I received Training on “Group &Credit Management” from GTI, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh organized by Mymensingh Aquaculture Extension Project (MAEP) dated from May 24-25, 1998.

4.   I received Training on “Participatory Approach and Need Based Short Training session” from GTI, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh organized by   Mymensingh Aquaculture Extension Project (MAEP) dated from June 16-17, 1998



1.      Life membership (L/M No. 737) of National Environmental Science Academy Raj Tower-1, Alaknanda Community center, New Delhi-1100919, India was admitted on 27.6.2004.

2.      Life membership of Zoological Society of Bangladesh was admitted on 27 th of January 2004.


- Chess champion in Bangladesh Agricultural University Daba shamiti from 1990 to 1996.

- Chess champion in the department of Fisheries, university of Rajshahi on 2003.

- Chess champion in Teacher’s club of Rajshahi University, university of Rajshahi on 2003

- Basket ball player in the Bangladesh Agricultural University


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