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Mr. Hassan joined the department as a lecturer in 1997. He obtained his honours and masters degree in Finance & Banking from the Department of Finance and Banking, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Currently Mr. Hassan is on study leave for his PhD in Economics at the School of Economics & Finance, Curtin Business School, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.


Academic Background:

  • Master of Philosophy (A two year Research Study), Dept. of Finance & Banking,University Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205, Bangladesh, Year Attended: 2003-2005.
    Title of the Thesis: Impact of Financial Sector Reform on Financial Intermediation in Bangladesh – An Empirical Assessment.
  • Master of Business Studies (Finance & Banking), University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, Length of the Program: 1 Year, Academic Session: 1988-89, Exam Held and Result Obtained: 1993, Result: First Class (1st Place).

Area of Academic Interest:

  • Money & monetary policy, exchange rate economics, trade and trade liberalization, financial development, growth & poverty.

Research Activities:

  1. Hassan, AFM Kamrul, Ruhul Salim and Shuddhasattwa Rafiq [2008], “Causality and Dynamics of Energy Consumption and Output: Evidence from Non-OECD Asian countries” accepted for publication, Journal of Economic Development.
  2. Hassan, AFM Kamrul and Ruhul Salim [2008], "Determinants of private investment: time series evidence from Bangladesh" forthcoming in Journal of Developing Areas.
  3. Hassan, AFM Kamrul [2008], “Financial development, trade openness and economic growth in India: A causality analysis” in R.K. Uppal (ed.) Paradigm Shift in Indian Banking, Mahamaya Publishing House: New Delhi, pp.10-41.
  4. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul and Dr. M. Rafiqul Islam [2006], ‘Financial Sector Reform and Competition in Banking Sector in Bangladesh- A Preliminary Assessment’, The Journal of Business Administration, 32(3&4):79-104.
  5. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul [2006], ‘Determinants of Current Account Deficit in Developing Countries: The Case of Bangladesh’; Studies in Business and Economics, 12(1):5-24
  6. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul [2005], ‘Forecasting Money Multiplier in Bangladesh: An Application of Box-Jenkins (BJ) Methodology’, The Journal of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies, XXVIII: 7-18.
  7. Bari, Mohd. Abdul and A.F.M. Kamrul Hassan, [2005], ‘The Behavior of Velocity of Money in Bangladesh: 1974/75-2001/02’, Management & Accounting Research, 7(3-4):43-59.
  8. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul [2005], ‘An Examination of Development Approach to Trade-Poverty Relationship in the context of Bangladesh’ Development Review, 17:93-106.
  9. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul [2005], ‘Trade Openness and Economic Growth: Search for a Causal Relationship. Does Openness Reduce Poverty?’ South Asian Journal of Management, 12(4):38-51.
  10. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul and Dr. M. Rafiqul Islam [2005], ‘Temporal Causality and Dynamics of Financial Development, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in Vector Auto Regression (VAR): Evidence from Bangladesh, 1974-2003’; The Journal of Nepalese Business Studies, II(1):1-12
  11. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul [2005], ‘Finance-Growth Nexus and Banking Sector in Bangladesh-Some Observations’, in Dr. Nalini Prava Tripathy (ed.), Emerging Scenario of Indian Banking Industry (ISBN: 81-8325-008-4). New Delhi, India: Mahamaya Publishing House: 224-241.
  12. M. Rafiqul Islam and AFM Kamrul Hassan [2005], “Does government expenditure reduce GDP gap? Evidence from Bangladesh”, The Journal of Nepalese Business Studies, vol. III, No.1, pp.1-8.
  13. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul [2004], “An Examination of the Relative Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policies on Nominal Income in Bangladesh”, The Philippine Review of Economics,Vol.XLI, No.1, pp.79-90.
  14. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul; Md. Afsar Ali, ACMA and Dr. M. Rafiqul Islam [2003], ‘Trade Liberalization in Bangladesh-A Critical Evaluation’, The Cost & Management, XXXI(3):25-29.
  15. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul and Dr. M. Rafiqul Islam [2003] ‘Choice of Exchange Rate Regime- Should Bangladesh Float?’ Management & Accounting Research, 6(3&4): 93-106.
Conference papers:
  1. Salim, Ruhul A. and AFM Kamrul Hassan [2008], “Does commodity price impact monetary policy? Evidence from Australia”, published in the “Proceedings of Annual London Conference on Money, Economy and Management” 3-4 July 2008, Imperial College, London, UK
  2. Hassan, A.F.M. Kamrul and Dr. Ruhul A. Salim [2007], “Short run and long run determinants of private investment in Bangladesh”, published in the Proceedings of Seventh International Business research Conference, 3-6 December, Sydney, Australia.


Working paper:

  1. Cabalu, Helen, AFM Kamrul Hassan and Chassty Manuhutu [2008], Innovation policy in resource-rich economies, Working paper No.07, School of Economic & Finance, Curtin University of Technology.


Accepted paper:

  1. AFM Kamrul Hassan “Can Relative Population Growth Explain Movements in Purchasing Power Parity Exchange Rate? Evidence from Panel Data”, paper accepted for presentation at the CBS Doctoral Colloquium, 2-3 October, 2008.

Papers submitted for publication:

  1. Dynamics of Financial Development in Co-Integrated Error Correction Mechanism (ECM): Evidence from Bangladesh (with Dr. M. Mohsin Ali).


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